Monday, June 22, 2009

Day +16

Amy's white blood count went down yesterday to 0.5 but rebounded today to 0.7. The doctors and nurses have told us that her WBC will be going up and down as Amy's new stem cells start working. Amy's throat is better but cheeks, tongue and inside lower lip have ulcers , are swollen and very painful.

A package arrived for Amy from the Green Bay Packers, welcoming her into the "Wisconsin family" (since her new stem cells came from Wisconsin). She received many items from them, including a football signed by all the players. Thanks MBAs.

One of my favorite things is when Amy receives cards made by students from various classrooms. I love the drawings, spelling and laughs many of the cards bring. Thanks to all the teachers who gave their students time to create these "masterpieces".



  1. I've been following your blog and praying for you. Great to hear that it looks like things are going well.
    Sharon Brugh

  2. The GreenBay items will bring back memories to Kathy(CFHS). Glad things are looking better, keep up the good work! You may have to rename the dogs, to Bart and Brett!! Sorry Michael. Have a good day. Love ya, Genie and Eddie

  3. Amy Lucy, I always did like Green Bay. Glad your going like they want you to. Boo got our Red Sox tickeets for the 30th. I think we will have a great time watching them. Not sure what else we may get into that week, maybe Busch Gardens for a day or two. Gonna o to camp accovac this evening to help in the kitchen. Both boys are there as Christian is a CIT. (councelor in training). Take care little one. We will talk at ya later. Love CHRIS

  4. Hey to Amy, Kathy and Michael! So excited after reading Greg's Tuesday email that the white counts are up and progress is being made with the mouth soreness. Praise the Lord! And how cool that the Green Bay Packers sent you "stuff"! But you've been a Packer fan for years. It's just been a Sharon Packer fan up to now. (Never did get the Packer name with the tiger mascot, but it is what it is!) Love to you all and many prayers going up daily!