Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day +11

Side effects seem to be leveling off over the last few days. Amy's mucositis isn't better but thankfully has not gotten any worse today. She still is unable to eat or talk. Her cheeks and neck are very swollen, which is not painful but uncomfortable. What hair Amy had grown back was falling out, so one of the nurses shaved her head today.

The nurses commented that they are impressed that she is still getting on the treadmill and walking a mile to a mile and a half each day. She has divided the time on the treadmill into 2 or 3 shorter times a day instead of doing it all at once .

A few comments about the Adult Bone Marrow Unit at Duke Hospital. It is located on the 9th floor and there are three doors you must pass through to enter the unit. You have to make sure the door behind you has closed before opening the next door. Once in the Unit, you have to go to a hand washing station and wash hands , then you can go through the 4th door onto the floor where the patient rooms are located. There are 15 rooms. Since being here 8-12 rooms have been in use. The whole unit has a special air filtration system. Duke does several types of transplants here which include bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells, chord blood or a half match from a parent or child. Amy received peripheral blood stem cells. She is the only one on the hall who had a perfect match unknown donor (MUD). We now realize that finding a perfect match from an unknown donor is hard to do.

There have been many answers to prayer and blessing .... we feel very fortunate to have so many people in our corner supporting us. Thank you. Kathy


  1. Glad things are leveling off some, soon it will turn around and start improving. Amy , and all of you, deserve all the support we can give, because you all are wonderful. Keep up the good work, keep on walking and soon things will be much better. Hope Amy has a good day, we are all praying for her. Love you, Genie and Eddie

  2. The nurses aren't the only ones impressed, and blessed, by your fortitude and faith. We all are! So keep on "keepin' on"! And the perfect match unknown donor - just one more sign of God's provision. Know you're in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Have a blessed day today. (The sun is finally shining in Alleghany County again. It's beautiful!) Love you!

  3. Keep your chin up! I am thinking that your blood counts should be showing good signs of increasing neutrophils and that the mouth sores are heading for the door. I know I felt much better by day 14. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Glad that the Duke unit has good handwashing and precautions in place. Your battle against outside organisms and the ones that grow inside is going to be a priority for the next 90 days. Hope you get to wear the funny hat with the earrings pinned on it that I sent you. Yes it is funny looking....but I take a laugh where ever I can get it. I went to Cleveland Clinic today. My BMT doctor is happy. I am happy and I'm cancer free!!!! It is day +625!!! No gvhd and no other problems, for the first time in over 2 years. You can do this too!

  4. God sure has his ways! I'm sure you feel blessed to have found a perfect match, as we know it is a hard thing to do. Amy your strength and positive attitude throughout this whole ordeal has truly been an inspiration to all. Hang in there :)

  5. Happy Day +13 Amy-
    You are in the double digits now!! I am so glad things have leveled off and I too admire the walking-Hitler/Michael has done a very good job of keeping you going-

    God is right there with you Amy-I know those new cells are doing their work-

    I love the little CAPTCHAs when I attempt to post-a new acrohym for me!

    Lots of love-

  6. hum-acrohymn...another sign that God is there


  7. Side effects leveling off is a GOOD thing. :) You are amazing, Amy.... still on that treadmill and going at it. Katie will be more than impressed with that one. I want to thank your dad and mom for keeping us informed. It helps during our prayer times to know exactly what to pray for during each phase of this journey.
    Keep up the wonderful attitude, Girlie. We love you!

  8. Amy, you continue to amaze all of us. Keep up the walking. When I walk, I pray for you and Elizabeth, another incredible young lady.

    We enjoyed hearing Phyllis and Greg sing together at Scott Hill Tuesday night. We all got a laugh when Phyllis was caught talking to someone just as your dad was about to start a solo. What a look she got! Your church had quite a crew on hand that night and everyone had a good time! Remember that we love you all and are praying for you.