Friday, June 12, 2009

Day +6.
Amy is having moderate to severe mouth/throat pain. She now has a morphine pump at her beck and call. I will go out later today and buy a dry erase board for her to write on, so she does not have to talk as much. Milk shakes and soft foods are her main diet since swallowing is hard and painful.

Her Hickman line incision on her neck that they used to insert the line is sore and inflamed. The doctor cultured it and changed one of her antibiotics to help this, if it doesn't help they may take the line out. But this morning it seems better and not as sore.

The little bit of hair Amy has is falling out again. But this does not bother her.
She is still in good spirits and wrote that if she did not have to talk, eat or take pills , she would be fine.


  1. So good to see Amy still has her sense of humor. Tell her you can take care of the talking, but other two she still needs to do. Hopefully the meds will help with everything, use what she needs to get through this tough part. some strawberry lemonade may taste good to her. take care, we love yall, genie & eddie

  2. Hello Amy-

    What a trooper you are-I hope and pray that this passes as quickly as possible-I know those new cells love you and will work for you-Sounds like they are taking good care of you-bless them all-your spirit is amazing-You could probably play for the Green Bay Packers after all of this!

    Hang tough! Love to all-


  3. Amy, So sorry you have to go through so much disconfort to get to the part of feeling better. Hope you don't have to use that pump to much but it's better to, than to be to uncomfortable. I'm sure your mom and Michael won't mind you sleeping if they know your body is going through the process of healing. Just think, before long you'll have all this behind you. Hang in there! You're still doing a great job of tolerating all of it. Love to you all, Patty and Tommy

  4. Hey Amy! It's been a while since we posted, but we have always been thinking of you. I have another Maria story for you. She was asking me about this student in my class that she met last weekend, and I couldn't quite understand what she was asking me. So she said "Oh my gosh Mommy...You are killin' me." :) She can't quite say the r sound and to hear her say that was hilarious. Also, everytime anyone and I mean anyone says the name Amy, Savannah asks "Mommy are they talking about our Amy?" She always has you on her mind. :) We will continue to send the positive thoughts your way and hope that this sore throat clears up soon. I honestly can't tell you in words what an inspiration you are to me. I just think about your strength and get chills. You are amazing. I have two students that follow your blog, but haven't had the courage to write anything. I have encouraged them, but they just haven't done it yet. Every time I talk to them you come up in the discussion and they both are so inspired by you. Keep up your spirits. We love you.

    Billy, Lee Anne, Savannah and Maria

  5. Hi Amy,
    I'm a BMT/AML survivor. I've chatted with your mom a few times. I have my brother's DNA now
    and I always joke with him that even though I can't write my name in the snow....I can leave his DNA at a crime scene. Since he is a cop, that makes it even better!
    I have sent you a package with some survival gear. I hope your counts start to rise. I too had the morphine pump for throat and mouth sores.
    It gets better once the neutropenia starts to reverse. I am on day +619. I'm doing great. No gvhd, my hair is back and curly as never before.
    I am sending you a link I forgot to include in your care package. It is a Date/Duration tool that makes keeping track of how long it has been since transplant. It is :

  6. Amy Lucy, Hello little one. Good to hear your hanging in there strong. we are all doing good except Kel has found out she has a gravel pit in her gall bladder. well, maybe just a stone or 3. but she has to see a surgion to decide what the treatment may be. If they take them out I hope they dont give them to her, she might decide to throw em at me. Adam is supposed to finish up his ball season this evening,, weather providing of course. Me, im just working like a dog, as usual. (no I aint sleeping on the porch). You continue to feel better, and I hope to see you soon. LOVE CHRIS

  7. Today's scripture on my desk calendar says, "You both precede and follow me, and place your hand of blessing on my head." (Psalm 139:5 TLB) Isn't it great to know that God is not only with us at this very moment, but He has been where we were and is already wherever we go!?! So in this time of sickness and discomfort, which is only part of the journey, take heart in knowing you're in the BEST company, the Lord's blessed presence. And we're with you in spirit, sending lots of love your way and praying always. Love you!

  8. hey there hot stuff!

    I am so sorry that you're having to deal w/ those horrible mouth sores/throat pain. Hopefully things will start to settle down soon enough! I think about you ALL the time and pray for a speedy recovery... you are one tough chic so I have no doubt in your ability to get through this! Make sure to write on your dry erase board and let everyone know that I say hello and love you! Take care of yourself... you're almost there! I love you very much!


  9. Hi Amy,

    You are the BEST = day + 6. Keep on going! We are all with you, thinking much about you every day.
    Suzanne and Chris