Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day +14

Amy's white blood count went up to 0.2 on Thursday and rose today to 0.6 . Normal white blood count is between 3.2 - 9.8. We are optimistic that this means engraphtment is occuring...or close. ( Engraphtment is when the transplanted stem cells from the donor start making blood, platelets and immune cells.)

She is still having mouth pain. This is accompanied by coughing up a lot of mucous which in turn makes her throat hurt worse. At the moment, her two favorite things are ice packs and morphine . Dr. Rizzieri came by this morning and is very pleased with her progress. He seems to think as the white blood count rises her mouth/throat will improve , especially over the next 48 hours.


  1. Amy,
    Every inch of progress is hopeful, isn't it? If the doctor is pleased, then that is a good sign! We continue to pray that God will ease your pain and help you through this!
    Godspeed to you and your family!
    Lisa and Gary Marshall

  2. Amy Lucy, Hello darlin, nice to hear your comming along just fine. Today is Fathers Day, So Happy Fathers Day. I know you aint a faher, but if you were you'd be a goodern. You keep keepin the rubber hot on that treadmill and we might getcha in a triathalon pretty soon. Your doing great girl. Hope to see you soon. Love CHRIS

  3. Hey Amy and Michael,
    I am sorry I haven't posted in so long. I somehow got kicked off. I can't wait for you to meet your new baby cousin. She is so little, but growing everyday. I am usually up around the clock, but loving every minute of motherhood. I had my first crazy mom momment when I wore two different flipflops to Walmart shopping the other night. Mom and Dad are having lots of fun with your doggies. They always have funny stories. I think of you too often and I try to update people at church about your progress. God continues to bless you guys with so much support and love. Both of you are very brave and show amazing strength. Love to you both. Joleen, John and Baby Teagan

  4. I meant to write I think of you two often. Chalk that mistake up to lack of sleep.

  5. Amy, Michael, Kathy, Greg, Grannie Phyllis, Boo, Roberta and ALL......this is the best news!.....We are so thankful for this progress..(you got to start somewhere) ......sending as many well wishes as possible your way.....Keeping each of you in our prayers and thoughts along with the Drs. and nurses and all the staff who is taking care of Amy....and Amy's donor.....I wish we all could just give him a great big hug and let him know just how important he really is!!!! .....Hope you have a restful night and your throat starts to improve rapidly..... Wanda :)& Jerry ;)

  6. Good morning Amy-

    Hope you rested well and I am thankful for ice bags and morphine! This week is going to be better! You are so strong and have such a good attitude-REMARKABLE

    Love to all-