Monday, August 10, 2009

The trip to the clinic today went well. It took a long time for the blood work results to come back but when they did I didn't need any electrolytes. The rest of my numbers were also very good. Most notably my platelets were 120 - to put that in perspective they got down to about 10 during treatment and 150 is normal - so we're getting much closer to normal. The only concern is that my sodium is still low.

One of the transplant doctors came by today, Dr. Chute (who is a Yankees fan and a Notre Dame fan so we have to watch him). He seemed very pleased and said they would release me back to Dr. Moore (the regular hematologist oncologist) around day 85 (according to my dad's update today is day 65 - it's hard for me to keep up with what day it is). Most people would be released back to their oncologist at home, but they're not quite comfortable with me moving all the way to Indiana and I agree. Michael is still working in a chem lab at UNC and I wouldn't be able to take classes anyway so we're not in a hurry to get back. Hopefully I will work it out to take a distance learning class from Purdue in the fall just to start giving me something to do and get my brain working again.

I'm starting to feel pretty good and almost normal sometimes and I know I wouldn't have handled this so well without all the support and I can't thank you enough for that!


  1. Wow! Only 20 more days for your next progression. It almost sounds like a promotion!
    I'm so glad you are feeling so much better, and I heard you look really good, too. Things are going so well, I hope all the bad times will be lost from your memory. The blessings are much better to remember.
    I love you,

  2. Amy Lucy, Hello little one, good to hear you are still kicking in the right direction. Im glad Kel got to come see you this weekend. Me and the boys took a kayak trip down the cowpasture with your papi. ( I guess he is little papi). Adam asked Kelly if you were getting your hair back, and she told him you were getting some fuzz. So I guess your getting more like your mom every day, "Warm and Fuzzy".(to the ones of you on the outside, when Christian was a baby one of his memerable sayings was " I Love Kathy, She's so warm and fuzzy"). I also want you to know that there is hope. The Red Sox finally won a game last night. Hopefully we can get things turned around again. Gotta go. Gotta go see Dr. Slaughter today. Take care, Talk to ya soon. Love CHRIS