Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day +61

Yeah!! Another day off from the clinic. They have put Amy on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday clinic schedule and it is very nice. Amy's lab results yesterday still showed her sodium level is low ( told to eat more salt), potassium level finally stable ( keep taking potassium pill), magnesium level still low ( keep taking magnesium IV at home and added two magnesium oxide pills each day) and they added back in the anti-viral Acyclovir . Amy said the morning pill count is getting kind of scary. Her platelets stayed the same, RBC and WBC both went up a bit... which is all good news.

While at the clinic yesterday PA Ashely and one of the doctors stopped by and talked about Amy's next stage . After +/- 100 days the Bone Marrow Outpatient Clinic will refer Amy back to an oncologist. She will probably go back to Dr. Moore - Amy was under his care when in Duke hospital for induction/consolidation in preparation for transplant. Although Amy is not 100% yet, and is still having some problems it is exciting and we are so thankful to have reached this point.

Thank you for your love and support .
Love and hugs to all.


  1. Hooray for all blessings. Everything positive we hear encourages us, and I am sure all of you as well. You are doing fantastic, and the next step will show more progress. Just keep on keeping on, we have a fantastic God and he is on your side!
    I love you,

  2. Don't you love those days off! Everything sounds GREAT, Amy, and surely an answer to many, many prayers. You are a strong LADY!
    Love you,

  3. Hey Amy!! It's been a while since we posted..we have been busy, but we are thinking of you every day. Everything sounds so wonderful! I hope your side effects go away soon and you start to feel somewhat normal again. We had a conversation about you yesterday while swimming in Chris and Kelly's pool...Adam was wearing your yellow DUKES shorts in the pool. They were the conversation piece... :) My girls told him he looked like Mr. Bartley in them. HAHA! I run with Jeremy and some others at CMS and the girls see him in his running shorts...:) so that is where that comment came from. I hope you are smiling. It seems the very worst part is over. We love you!

  4. It's Sunday night and I'm just "checking in". No blog news since Thursday must mean things are still going as well as then. Praise the Lord! You're in our thoughts and prayers. Love ya!

  5. Good morning Amy,
    Things are looking up! So glad that you are "on the right road" and are managing much of the recovery yourself. We, however, still think of you and your journey often.
    Chris and Suzanne