Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello All - Things are still about the same as they were last week. I still have low magnesium and sodium. Insurance is making it a little harder though. We found out that they will not cover home infusions. This was a mistake on Duke's part and it doesn't sound like we will have to pay for what I've had so far but after Wednesday I can no longer get magnesium infusions at home. They switched the type of magnesium pills I'm taking to something they think may absorb better. The hope is to get me off of magnesium infusions altogether. Hopefully they will come up with something that works so I don't have to go to the clinic everyday again. Once I am off magnesium infusions it also sounds like they will switch me back over to Dr. Moore (the regular oncologist/hematologist) and I will only come to the bone marrow clinic weekly or every other week. This is the stage when most people who live within a couple of hours go home to an oncologist but living 12 hours away doesn't quite work since there are still some clinic visits. SO we will stay here and are hoping to get back to Indiana by the start of the Spring semester.

Much love and thanks,


  1. Well, par for the course! Insurance can be a bummer, but it was Duke's fault, so they will just have to foot the bill. I'm glad you at least had the last couple weeks of infusions at home, it made it a lot easier for you. It won't be long before you'll be released from the clinic, and they'll hate to see you go!!! Just hang in there, days are whizzing by.
    Love you bunches!

  2. We'll be praying for the new magnesium pills to work so well that the infusions will become unnecessary. Things are sounding good and we praise God with you! Hope you're having the gorgeous sunny, but not humid, weather that we're enjoying right now. The cooler nights say fall is just around the corner. Thinking of you with much love and many prayers!

  3. Amy, Just finished reading the forward your grandma sent about your good news today. So glad to hear the magnesium and other counts are normal. Our prayer now is that the magnesium will stay normal and the blood counts will continue to improve and soon be back to normal. It doesn't make sense that the ins. co. would rather pay someone to administer the magnesium than let you do it yourself. Hope you don't have to go back to that anyway. We're also glad to hear you are getting out more. Pretty soon you'll be back to doing pretty much what you want to do, with much thanks to God. To us the time seems to have flown by but we know it has been a long hard road for you. Just happy to hear you're feeling more like your old self. Take care. Love to you, Michael and Mom