Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good evening. Well I've had two clinic visits since my last update. Thursday's visit was great, both my magnesium and sodium were in the normal ranges. However, they wanted to check how my magnesium did without having infusions for a few days. (my home infusions ran out on Wednesday so I did not have infusions on Thurs. or Fri.). So we went back to clinic today to get my magnesium checked and of course it was low. So I had to have a magnesium infusion in clinic. At home I get 4 grams over 4 hours. At the clinic today they gave me 6 grams over 4 hours and this made me feel really yucky. I got very hot during the infusion and by the time we got home I was nauseous and vomiting. So needless to say I miss my home infusions! We go back on Tuesday to check again and probably get more mag at the clinic. This is the only "problem" that is keeping me from "graduating from clinic" as the nurses say. Also, if I get away from needing magnesium infusions they will take my Hickman out, which will be nice.

Hope you all have a relaxing labor day,


  1. I hated to hear the results of your clinic visit today. I was hoping the mag was still up, and you could get that Hickman out soon. It is the pits to go back to that and then get nauseous, but it was working, so I guess you can make it for a while longer going to the clinic for the infusions. Clinic graduation day will soon be here, we'll pray harder for that mag level.
    You and Michael have a good Labor Day,I love you both.

  2. God bless you, Amy & Michael!
    I am praying!
    Lisa Marshall

  3. Well here goes this try for me, the boys came home today from camp I think they had a good time, the owner said they were good guys to keep very little barking( no cats there I guess) We had a good time with the other 2 boys in our life, it would have better with both of you there with us, maybe one day very soon. God has been so good to us so far and I pray He will help us on that too... We are SO proud of you Amy, and the great job you've done so far and we thank Michael for all of his support ,too. Keep up the good work..We are praying for your graduation real soon. Take care, Love you, both very much.. Hugs and Prayers always, Love Granny&Grandaddy

  4. Wouldn't it be nice if someone invented a dose of magnesium in the form of a fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie - with no side effects!?! But until then, it's good it's available in some form to keep everything else in kilter. Still praying... Love ya'll.