Monday, September 14, 2009

It is the much anticipated day 100!!! Now that it's here I'm not really sure what the big deal is other than I had to have a bone marrow biopsy which wasn't bad at all. My favorite PA did it - she uses tons of lidocaine so the spot on my back will be numb all day. My magnesium was low this morning but not too low considering I have not had an infusion since last Thursday. The PA (and I) were very happy with that. He said that in the "real world" they wouldn't infuse someone with magnesium until they reached 1.0/1.1 so a mag level of 1.5 really isn't that bad (1.8 is normal). They are planning on "graduating" me from clinic on Thursday. I will then see Dr. Rizzieri (transplant doctor) once a week for a few weeks then less and less. I will also start going back to Dr. Moore (oncologist/hematologist) for check-ups.

Health wise I am doing great but basically being quarantined to the apartment is getting quite old. I would really like to go out to dinner! With the H1N1 flu threat they are telling us to be very very careful. Also, since some have asked, my toe is fine now - it was just an infection in the skin around that spot :)

Hope you have a good week,

PS - If anyone has any medical questions or is confused about something I have written about just let me know and I'll try to clear it up - bone marrow transplant really is a neat process that a lot of people have misconceptions about (thanks to TV and movies).


    Happy Day 100, Amy!!!
    You are an inspiration to ALL of us.
    Love you,

  2. Well, it's day 100 and you are getting ready to graduate from the clinic this week. That will be a big reason to celebrate. I wish also that you could be free to go shop, eat out, etc., but please, please be careful. If you do go out, you can wear a mask to protect yourself from the flu and other germs.
    Love you!

  3. Great Amy....Day 100 is a big day because alot of the bad things that can happen to us, happen in that window. It is still a long battle but you have a great support system and a fighter's heart so I hope to see you do the BMT statisticians proud. I will be at my two year re-birthday on October 2. Like you, I am doing better than expected. Life throws us curve balls and the key is to either catch it and throw it back or duck out of the way. That is my feeling on the piggly wiggly flu, too. I'd rather avoid it altogether. But, I am not going to curl up and miss out on the days I have been given. Hello to your mom.

  4. Congratulations on Day 100! I hope and pray that God continues to bless you in your recovery and that soon you'll graduating from your apartment quarantine as well.

    We'll be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Josh and Bethany

  5. You sound so good! We are so glad to see how well you are doing. You definitely are an inspiration to many. You will be dining out soon I feel sure, and it will be well worth the wait! Tell Mom and Michael hello for us, have a good week!! Love you, Genie and Eddie

  6. WOW!! Day 100 has come and gone finally!!! Congrats to you and your family. I know this day has been long awaited. Your strength and spirit continue to inspire my family and me. We are so thankful that you are feeling well. We will keep praying that you stay that way. We love you!!

    Lee Anne and family