Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hello Everyone! So I have had two appointments since last writing. Thursday I needed magnesium (it was down to 1.3!) so I was at the clinic all day but other than that nothing important happened.

Yesterday I had an actual appointment with Dr. Rizzieri and some of the information we had been told about how the next 6 months or so would go wasn't quite right. They will not wean me off of the immunosuppressant until I reach the 6 month mark (Dec. 6). While I am being weaned off it is important to watch for graft versus host disease. This is around the time we were planning on moving back to Purdue, so my plans may change a little. He said I could move back, but we could tell he would rather keep an eye on me himself instead of referring me to a transplant doctor at IU. So we'll have to make a decision when the time comes. I was looking forward to lowering my dose of immunosuppressant because one of the side effects is "shakiness". My hands are extremely shaky so I cannot write anything legibly (that's why no thank you notes yet).

We got the results back from the bone marrow biopsy and everything looked great (as expected). I am now 98% and 95% donor which is excellent for this far out. Also, my Hickman would not work yesterday so they had to put some type of medicine in it and let it sit overnight and I went back this morning and it worked beautifully.

Much love and thanks,


  1. Glad to know things are still going well Amy! Hang in there, time is flying by! Before you know it, you will be looking back on this probably wondering how in the world you got through it! God bless!

  2. Well, time is not everything, but your progress is the most important. You and Michael will work things out for the best concerning Dr. Rizzieri and if you have to postpone moving back, so be it. God is still in control of you and he has done such a good job so far. We can't question Him, and you are still our Miracle!
    I love you both,

  3. Hi Amy! What wonderful news! I have thought of you often and keep you in my prayers. Glad to hear that you will be moving back to Purdue in time. Take care of yourself! Fondly, Lisa Roetker