Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Morning! I had a great weekend at home in VA this weekend and got to visit with some wonderful people. It was very nice to see you all and it definitely helped my "boredom level". I saw Dr. Rizzieri yesterday and things still look good. My magnesium was low again (1.4) but they decided to just let me go and see what the level is on Thursday. They are trying to get me to 1 magnesium infusion a week (which means I will probably only have to go in once a week). My Hickman didn't work again yesterday so they pulled it out. It hurt quite a bit but it had to be done sooner or later. It's much easier to take a shower now and much more comfortable in general.

Thanks for all the support and prayers,


  1. Enjoy those "Hickman-free" showers! We'll pray specifically for your magnesium level to be up on Thursday. You're such a blessing! Love you lots'n'lots...Brenda

  2. Hi Amy,
    Out of the mouths of babes :) According to Maddi... "When I get older, I want to cut my hair just like Amy." Now that's a compliment! Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all. Give your mom and Michael a hug from us :)
    Love and prayers,

  3. There's nothing like a visit "home" to brighten your spirits. I know you and Michael are anxious to go home to IN, but selfishly, I like you being closer.
    Hope your mag soon comes up so you won't have to have those IV's, but that may not happen until you are off of the immune suppressants. Just hang in there, you're doing great.
    I love you both,

  4. HEY Amy, it has been forever since I have been on here....PC was down and I just got it taken care of last week...got it back on Thursday night and trying to get things back on ..U could probably do it in a hour...4 me it will be days! lol lol ..really days!!!!!.Jerry saw your Dad at the golf course and said you were doing real well...it was so good to hear the good news from your Dad...I have not gone back to read your all of your blog, just what u posted on the 29th...glad u were home...nothing like good ole VA! right!..I want u 2 know, just because I have not been able to be on here, we still think of you and keeping all of you in our prayers!!!!..love to your Mom and Dad and Grannie!!!! Grannies are so special! by the way hope Roscoe and Winslow r doing good...I bet they have it made!!!!..keep that smile....I know it looks good on you...:) Wanda and Jerry

  5. Hey Girlie,
    Just stopping in to say HI! :) Never ever think we have forgotten about you.

    Love and Prayers,