Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unfortunately I don't have good news today. I got a fever last night and had to come back to the hospital. They've put me on IV antibiotics to hopefully kick whatever is causing the fever. My temperature is down today so this has made me feel much better even though I'm in the hospital. This isn't out of the ordinary and doesn't really set us back any long term.



  1. Hello sweet one,
    Just passed the great news around to Dabney about the transplant match! Everyone who has responded to the email has said "Praise the Lord, indeed!" Some are planning on joining the marrow drive. You are touching lives every day. Sometimes when I feel down I try to draw from your strength. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, even when we don't feel so strong.
    Love and prayers! Valerie

  2. Hi Babe,
    Just want to let you know your puppies are well and as active as ever. I just spent a couple hours with them, both sitting on me at once! I think they are lacking for attention!!!
    You just hang in there, you are so strong and courageous, and the magical day you get your transplant is soon coming and it will work! I love you! Grandma