Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So I am back in the hospital for the "consolidation" treatment I have written about. It is one of the same chemo drugs I had for the first two rounds but instead of 12 treatments I will get a total of 6 treatments and they will be spread out more. My first treatment will be tonight and my last treatment will be Sunday morning. Hopefully I will be released Sunday afternoon. This round of chemo definitely should not be as hard as the last so I'm hoping for a good week.

God bless you all,



  1. Hey,
    I have been thinking about you all day, knowing you were going to be admitted. I do hope the chemo is not hard on you, I think you will just breeze through it. You have been such a wonder, amazing everyone with your strong attitude. I am going to be at the golf tournament all day tomorrow, can't wait! It's so exciting! Hang in there, it won't be as long as it has been!
    I love you, and Michael, and everyone!!

  2. Hi amy,

    I am with you in spirit-this round I hope will be easier-you are remarkable-all of you are-such a strong group-I can tell you that those little cells picked the wrong girl and the wrong group!

    We are in this to win!!!!

    Love you all-

  3. Amy-
    Your prayer warriors in Raleigh are praying for you. We know full well that since it was the Lord who inspired the creation of the chemicals, they will be successful. He will provide! God bless you, David & Candy

  4. We know you will have an easier time this round. Your great attitude is an inspiration to us all. Hang in there and let everyone take care of you. You have some very good help, you mom,dad and Michael are pretty tough. All of you take care and we will see you soon.
    love to all, genie and eddie

  5. We're praying for a "good" week for you. May you get a message or surprise every day to lift your spirits and let you know just how much God, and the rest of us love you. Hang in there 'cause Sunday's on the way!

  6. We love you and Maria continues to ask me "Is Amy Prizer (that's how she says your last name :o) ) feeling good? I hope so Mommy." You are such a role model for them with your great attitude and kind spirit. We will send the good fairies your way again. According to Savannah, they have been working on spring and are almost done, so they should be able to hang out with you for a week or so. We are sending our love.
    The Angles

  7. Hey Amy, hope this week goes by very quickly for you and you can move on to the next phase. You (your mom, dad, Michael & Phyllis) are always in our thoughts and prayers. We love you all.
    Karen, Tim and Hollee

    P.S. Amy, Hollee signed a certain "Cheating Teacher" shirt on Spirit Day, she put her name just under yours!!