Thursday, April 16, 2009

There's not much to report from here. So far I'm feeling good and haven't had any side effects from the chemo but it is still early. We're still hoping for a good week!

We send out a big thank you to everyone who helped with the very successful golf tournament yesterday. I know my dad had a blast and hope everyone else did too!



  1. Amy,
    We are glad to see that you aren't having any side affects and pray that they STAY AWAY :)
    Hope you will have a great rest of the week and just think Sunday is just 3 days away YEAH!!! Love and Prayers...Keith,Kate, Maddi and Carson

  2. Amy, I'm praying you don't get any nausea or rash this time. Just glide right through that nasty chemo, and remember, as bad as it is, it is going to cure that leukemia. Hang in there, it won't be as long as it has been, and I'm especially glad, since you didn't get the "penthouse suite".
    I love you, (you too, Michael)

  3. Hi Amy,
    Sounds like things are GOING so WELL for you! Ongoing good luck! BTW, it is fun hearing Greg recount the golf tournament and results. An added benefit is that he is probably improving his golf game - the silver lining in the cloud. Best of luck as you keep at it!
    Chris and Suzanne

  4. Amy,

    So glad to hear that everything is going so well for you - and Michael. Continue to stay strong.
    Love ya,
    the Timbrook's