Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So today we got the news we've been waiting for. We got word that my bone marrow match is willing and able to be a donor!! From this point things will move a little fast. I will re-enter the hospital on May 4 to start a week of both chemo and radiation in order to wipe out my bone marrow and then May 12 will be the big day of the transplant. I will be in the hospital at least 30 days after the transplant occurs.

We praise God for having such a quick and easy time finding a donor. It doesn't happen this way for everyone and this is why it is important to join the National Donor Registry.


  1. This is such GREAT news!!!! We will constantly keep you in our thought and prayers as things begin to move quickly toward the transplant. Lots of Love, Karen, Tim and Hollee

  2. I am soooo pleased to hear your news...Both you and Michael remain in my thoughts daily!
    Much Love!

  3. Hip, Hip, Hooray, now we're on the way....to that long awaited transplant so that you can be healed of that terrible leukemia. You have done so well and beaten many odds, I know this is going to be easier than predicted also. You just hang in there, Michael will be right there with you, and together you can do it!!! I love you both and am so proud of you.
    You go, girl! Grandma

  4. AMY!!! We are so excited to hear this wonderful news! We will continue to lift you up in prayer. We love you!
    The Angles

  5. Hurray, Amy & Michael!!
    Thanks be to God for his love and gracious goodness to you both!! Your Low Moor church family and I will continue to lift you both up in prayer. By the way, we missed you at the Easter Sunrise Service, as well as Greg and Kathy. We are happy for this "resurrection news!"
    Lisa Marshall

  6. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! Can you tell I'm singing? :) I am thrilled, Amy.
    Love and prayers for you and Michael,

  7. Amy, This is fabulous news but I guess you know that. I know that everyone who loves you feels ecstatic. I hope the hospital plans continue nurturing these positive feelings.

  8. YEAH!!!!! We are so excited that things are progressing so well!!! But unlike mama...I won't torture you and sing :) You would need earplugs for that :) Hope and pray things continue to go so well!!! Enjoy the next week or so OUT of the hospital :) Love and Prayers, Kate,Keith, Maddi and Carson