Thursday, April 2, 2009

So my appointment with the doctor went well this morning. My blood counts were "more normal" than they have been since this started so this is a really good sign. For those of you familiar with blood counts my white blood count was up to 7.1 which is in the normal range. Platelets were 88,000 which is still low but again higher even than my initial blood work before the original chemo. However the good report, today hasn't been the best day as far as how I'm feeling. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night and some nausea this morning so they were nice enough to postpone my biopsy until Tuesday.

The next step will be what they call a "consolidation" chemo treatment which will be the week after next (sometime the week of 4/13). This will be a 5-7 day chemo treatment but it will not be as strong as the last one. It is also my understanding that I will be released from the hospital after the 5-7 days and stay out until I spike a fever which is very common.

This is lots of medical jargon so I hope it makes sense. As always thanks for the prayers I know they are being answered.



  1. Amy,
    Your medical jargon made perfect sense, and your reports sound great. I pray that you will soon feel MUCH better. Shopping yesterday felt good I'm sure :) All our love and prayers come your way. You are a blessing to us.
    Love and prayers,

  2. You hang in there Amy!! Keep your head up and I pray that the nausea stays at bay. You are handling all of this so much better than any of us would. I hope the sun is out down there soon and you can feel its warmth. It seems to always make me feel better. You are such an inspiration.
    Lee Anne

  3. Amy Lucy, Hello baby girl, Good to see you bloggin. Figured id blog a little too. We are doing the normal go to baseball practices go to work fix supper clean up get work clothes for tomorrow together plan for the weekend hunting with the boys get ready for a boys party saturday . AND THAT IS JUST THE LAST FEW HOURS. (I think I need a pill). But, you know I would not have it any other way. I am certainly a very Blessed man. Im sure glad that its been a good week for you, even though you may not have felt the best, its been GOOOOOD. Praise the Lord . Ill go for now. You be good now. If you need something have your people call my people. By the way, I know a special girl who sure is looking forward to seeing another special girl this weekend.(hint: they both are very special to me). Love CHRIS

  4. Good morning Amy-

    I am proud of your blood!!It is a shame that the nasty chemo got you here-and you are feeling the effects-reminds me of that silly old phrase-no pain no gain-I am so proud of you and how you are handling this-my prayer is that this will go fast and be behind you-hope friday is a better day

    You are doing great-hang tough!

    love you all-

  5. I'm so glad to see you being able to make you own post's Amy! I have been thinking about you alot and praying for you every day. God is great! I know I've said this a million times, but you are so strong and such an inspiration to all of us. It just goes to show you no matter how bad things can get, you can still keep a good attitude and high spirits. This has surely been a rough ride and it's not over yet, but when it is, it will have been worth all the twists and turns to get you through it!
    Lots of love <3