Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hi, Greg (Amy's Dad) here, I asked Amy if I could post a message today. Things are still going well here, Amy feels pretty well but gets tired easily. Her tastes are improving, at least to the point where she can find foods to enjoy. The bone marrow biopsy is still scheduled for Tuesday, assuming we get a clear report, the marrow transplant will still be a minimum of six weeks away.

My main reason for posting this message is to attempt to thank all of you for your continued love and support. The outpouring of support has been absolutely tremendous and overwhelming for all of us. We have attempted to thank many of you individually but there have been so many others, that we don't even know who you are. The "Cucci" day, the hymn sing at our church, and the benefit sing at Scott Hill were all wonderful, and the upcoming golf tournament already has many signed up to play. I just do not have sufficient words to express our true feelings of gratitude. Thank you all, many many times over.

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Love and prayers to all, Greg Vess


  1. Hi all!!! Glad to see things continue to improve down in North Carolina!! Hope all goes very well on Tuesday and that the transplant can be scheduled. Also glad to hear that your taste is getting somewhat back to normal. We send our love and prayers. Keith,Kate, Maddi and Carson

  2. Hey Amy,
    I'm sorry your energy is low, but it will come back. Just do as much walking as you can. I wish you could have been here yesterday when the puppies decided to go exploring! They really pulled a fast one on me. I walked through the woods looking for them and when I finally got back home they were there, probably laughing at me for the joke they had played on me. They're smarter than I thought.
    Hang in there, I love you...Grandma

  3. You guys should hear the story on the dogs and your grandmother in the woods. Billy picked Phyllis up at the firehouse after she had walked through the woods. Then she couldn't get in his truck. It would have made you laugh just to hear the story. I think the dogs gave her a workout. After all that the dogs were back at the house once Billy got her back there. So glad to hear you are finding foods that you can enjoy now. Hang in there you are doing so well Love you

  4. it was great seeing you saturday. so glad you felt like going out for lunch. hope it didn't tire you out too much, but we enjoyed it. at least we know where yall are and hopefully could find our way back. good luck tomorrow, hope everything is good. love ya, genie and eddie

  5. Hi Amy, Is lemonade still the drink of choice? It sure is mine. When I got back home nothing tasted any good not even my green tea. So I tried lemonade that brought my taste buds alive now thats my favorite I guess it's the tartness. Amy a lot of prayers are being offered up for you and your family. Hang in there.Think of you often.

  6. I've thought alot about you this week Amy! I hope the biopsy went well and wasn't too painful. The morphine always helps when it comes to that! Love & prayers!

  7. Amy Lucy, Hello there little one. I dont have anything too exciting to say today, but I figured it was high time for you to see the sweet sound of my voice comming across your laptop. (SEE, AINT IT PRETTY?). Today I get to spend lots of money on a new set of tires for the Mountaineer. Boy my wifes gonna love me now sincce her car goes down the road swaying like a leaf in a windstorm. I think I'll throw in an oil change for her for good measure while im at it. Adams got baseball practice this evening and Christian has a track meet at Greenbrier East. He said that he and 3 other of the shot put and diskus throwers are going to do a 4 man 100 meter relay race at some point. (im putting my money on last place), just so they can earn points. Hes pretty excited about this race and likes to laugh about it. But hes having a really good time with track. I knicknamed them the clidesdalse. Kel is moving forward with the Bone marerow drive and it seems to be going really good so far. Its really an exciting event to me and I feel it is to many others also. Gonna run. Gotta go spend some money. Lots of Love. CHRIS