Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The clinic visit today went well. Our plan is to try another clinical trial for a new drug which will start sometime in May. The new drug is conceptually similar to STA-9090 but a little different. In the meantime I will finish up one more week of STA-9090. Dr. Rizzieri thinks that although my counts are rising, the drug still may be keeping the Leukemia from going out of control. After this week, we will keep my counts down with the drug Hydrea until the new trial starts. This will be my third clinical trial so as they say maybe "third time's a charm."



  1. Sometimes the third time is the charm, and with a fighter like you, it just may come true. But, we are still praying for a miracle, whether from the clinical trial or however. You keep our spirits up by being so upbeat yourself. Thanks for the example you are to all of us.
    Love you bunches,

  2. Let's certainly hope so! You've certainly earned some good news many times over! Hope you're still feeling well and enjoying this cooler but sunny weather.

  3. i believe the last time i blogged you; i told ya that if you didn't fully recover by next week....i would come a callin and stay fer a spell.....ohhhhhhh girlfriend......i have never been so flattered???????? the mere thought of you keeping leukemia an extra couple weeks just to have me visit!!!!!!!!!! i'm wellin up inside!!!!!!!!!! i'm truly touched!!!!!!!!!!! this is more impressive than winning the powerball, the coca cola 600 and the olympic curling gold medal all in the same day..... how could i possibly refuse?????? i'll have my people get in touch with your people to work out the details......all our hugs and kisses

  4. And Dr. Rizzeri is the man in the know, so we have confidence in his next plan. But I have even more confidence in our Father, God, to whom we daily lift you up in heartfelt prayer. Sending much love to you, Michael, and Mom.

  5. Hey Pretty Lady,
    What dessert is on the menu this week? :) I always like to read your posts and remember that quiet little girl in 1st grade. Where did she go? lol
    By the way, David is truly crazy. I'm convinced.
    Love, prayers and HUGS!