Sunday, February 21, 2010

So we have had somewhat of a usual week here. I had a treatment on Tuesday along with infusions of red blood cells and platelets on both Tuesday and Friday. My incision site is healing well and probably will not even need to be packed much longer.

Michael and I made the trip to Matthew's basketball game at Emory and Henry on Saturday. It was nice to get out and do something normal but even something as simple as riding in the car wore me out. I feel my energy levels are decreasing with each treatment but hopefully this is just in my mind. I think I have two more treatments before the dosage of the drug will be increased. I'm optimistic that the higher dose will have more affect on the leukemia but a little worried that the little side effects I have from the current dose will become big side effects. (If any of my former English teachers read this please ignore that sentence if I misused affect/effect).

In other good news, the real estate agent found a renter for our house in Indiana. We would rather have found a buyer but at this point a renter with a 12 month lease gives us relief at the moment. The guy renting our house is the new associate dean of student affairs at Purdue so I wonder how he feels having two 25 year old grad students as his landlord.

Much thanks to all! Amy

PS - There was no illegal activity that led to my loss of internet. Just a faulty lamp, some sparks, and a blown power fuse. I don't have quite the exciting, undercover life that my South Carolina (planned) cousin does.


  1. Good to hear from you after several days and electronic issues. And I never thought you were involved in any covert operations. :) I'm sure Matthew was excited to have you at the game. Glad ya'll were able to go. We'll be continuing to lift you up in prayer as you begin the higher dose. We love you!

  2. Time Warner does a nice job in making sure that having internet is a challenge for us! LOL....along with cable, phone, DVR....we are held hostage! Glad you're back "on" again.....Hope to see you guys soon.

  3. Glad you got to go to the game. Good news about the site healing too. the renter is quite a blessing too, glad things are looking up some. Have a good week! Love you, genie and eddie

  4. dear amy and gang,

    so glad to hear good news from your naked in the woods?????? did i read that right????? who am i to judge????? at least they let you have internet access again!!!!!!!any restrictions i should know about???????? i have a favor to ask of yall.....if you know the rules of olympic curling;
    pleazse send them to me......the jennimonster and i have become curling fanatics....especially canadian curling......i mean; come on.....any olympic team with a six month pregnant curler amongst its ranks is a sports team i want to support.....i sent her a couple baby outfits...i guess they are hokie fans?????? i mean who isn't??????????????????
    either way she gonna have a well dressed baby cheerleader or!!!!!!! good luck this next week in all you do and thanks for letting everybody know where i live.....i guess i need to move again....loading up the camel as we speak...will send yall my new address when i find good water....xoxoxoxo

  5. Hi,
    So glad you and Michael enjoyed your little get away. It always helps cabin fever to get out, even if the car ride wears you out. We enjoyed a couple of beautiful days, now expecting the rain. We have so much snow around, it could all melt and wash us away! Hope this is a great week coming up for you. Love you much, Grandma

  6. Amy,
    Just wanted to stop in and say HELLO!!! Some of the above comments do make me giggle.....but in all honesty....I think my grandma could participate in olympic curling HE HE HE. I too enjoy watching it. Got to see your Dad the other day and I of course got a hug :) Everyone at this end is doing well and growing including ME!!! Love you.....with lots of love and constant prayers....Keith,Kate,Maddi, Carson and Alli ;)

  7. Amy,
    I talked to your dad at Kiwanis last Thursday. (We were visiting from Charlottesville.) I'm following your blog and praying for you with a special interest - my mother died from leukemia in 1946 when I was barely 5. I've posted her story and poetry here . God bless.