Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi Everyone! It's more of the same here in Durham. I had my 5th treatment today of the trial drug. In addition to that I received platelets and potassium. I surprisingly did not need red blood cells. My hemoglobin was still at a good level even though I had not been given an infusion of red blood cells since last Tuesday. I am still having to go to the clinic everyday to have the site where they removed my hickman repacked and dressed - it makes it quite sore. This will probably go on for several weeks. The surgeon thought packing it instead of stitching it up would reduce the chance of infection. Basically packing lets it heal from the inside out.

Michael got back from his Europe trip on Sunday. He had a great trip with lots of good academic and cultural experiences. I have to say the chocolate we get in the states doesn't quite compare to the Belgian chocolate he brought me :).

Everyone in VA stay safe in the snow... I know you guys are sick of it!


  1. Hi,
    It was good news to hear that you did not need blood today, every little plus makes us happy. Just enjoy those chocolates, they would be hard to get, but when you go back with Michael, please see that I get some!!! It is still snowing here, off and on, and we could get more according to the forecasts. What I hate is wind, and that is also forecast. We're still planning our Relay for Life bake sale at the hospital Thurs., so I hope we can get there!!!
    Hope you have a good week.
    Love you all,

  2. Hey Pretty Lady,
    More of the same here too. :) Off from school again tomorrow. I'm not sure we are going to ever get through this year. Everything sounds very good there. We will pray for a fast healing of the hickman site.
    I know you were happy to see Michael, but tempting us with your Belgium chocolate was not nice :)
    Love and hugs to you and all our wonderful family!

  3. Yum...chocolate! Michael sure knows what souvenir to get, huh? Enjoy. So glad he's home safe and sound and in a timely manner. The nation's airports are having to cancel and reroute so many flights. I'm sure he's glad to be back home with you. Coming home to the one you love is the best part of any trip. Sounds like the treaments are going very well. We'll pray that the site heals so quickly you won't need "packing" for as long as anticipated. You are daily in our thoughts and prayers. Remember that all these snowbirds in Virginia love you.

  4. I love chocolate -- and snow! (I am probably the only one left in the state who still loves the snow; it is so beautiful, especially on Sunday morning when I get to stay home, and worship and be with my family -- the folks at Low Moor Pres. Church already know that I am this way!)
    Love and Peace to Amy & Michael!

  5. soooooooooooo glad to hear micheal made it back from europe......the last time i went, i was mugged by a dutch magician!!!!!! it's not funny; he stole my watch, my billfold, and all those silver dollars i had stored behind my ear over the last 40 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya/mean it

  6. hi- new look to your page, hope i can figure it out. happy valentine's weekend!! <3 genie

  7. WOW! Look at this page. BIG TYPE is always good for us older people :) I just wanted to remind you that you are thought of and prayed for each and every day.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you, Pretty Lady.... and to Michael :) Please give your Mom and Dad a hug from me.
    Love, HUGS, and Prayers!