Friday, February 5, 2010

It's a yucky rainy day here in Durham but it's been a great day inside. This morning I had a little "mini surgery" to remove the cuff left behind from my Hickman catheter. All went well and I am not even sore. The downside is that I have to run by the clinic each day to have the dressing changed. After a nice nap Mary Beth gave me a fantastic pedicure and manicure so I was very pampered today! It was a nice break after such a hectic week. I have a treatment Tuesday and they should have some results from the bone marrow biopsy by the end of the week. There isn't much else to report at this point.

Bonsoir! (Good Evening - Since Michael is now in Belgium)


  1. It's a good thing your Aunt Mary Beth does not live near you, she spoils you! But, I'm so glad she does pamper you, she's a special person and a good aunt. Glad your "surgery" went so well this morning, hope the infection is past. Sorry about your yucky day, actually the snow did not stop here all day and it was beautiful. Everything looks like a winter wonderland, but I will be glad when spring gets here. God bless, I
    Love you,

  2. I had forgotten that Mary Beth was coming. I know that both you and Kathy are enjoying her visit....Yeah, this snow/ice/rain stuff is pretty unusual for this area so I'm actually loving it! In the four years we've lived here, this is the first year we've gotten anything measurable! Tell Michael to bring you back some Belgium chocolates...Frank brought me back some from one of his trips, and they are pretty "special"!

  3. Hey Amy,just finished checking all your postings....gzzzzzzzzzz...U R a busy girl....but so good to hear that you r just "trucking" right along...Glad you r feeling good and as 4 your beautician, I know you have the best!!!..take care and I am sure you know that we have snow, lots of it.....beautiful and so peaceful...still....makes one appreciate even more the beauty of nature!.....take care, sending our best, Wanda and Jerry

  4. so glad you are having a good day. sounds like some good pampering! have a good day tomorrow, hope michael gets back ok. sure he will have lots of stories, etc. tell everyone hi. we are a little tired of snow right now, ready for spring!! love ya, genie and eddie

  5. Bonjour madame!
    We are praying that your biopsy results bring good news.
    Bonne journee madame.
    David & Candy

  6. Good morning Amy
    Things sound like they are on the upswing! Ongoing good luck with next steps. Also, how nice to have a great mani/pedi! We are thinking of you. Love, Chris and Suzanne