Friday, March 6, 2009

So I am sitting in my cozy new room at the Duke University Hospital. It's a little smaller than the BIG room I had at UVA but I have to say the bed is more comfortable. However, it is yet to be determined how the Duke hospital food will compare to that of UVA (the most important factor or course). I feel very comfortable so far up on the oncology/hematology wing. The nurses, nurse practitioners, and doctors have all been very welcoming so far.

I will start my next round of chemo tonight around 9:00. They are giving me two chemotherapy drugs. One of them is one that I received at UVA but they are giving it to me in a higher dosage over a shorter period of time. Instead of receiving it constantly for seven whole days I will have two one hour treatments a day for six days. This can make a difference in how the Leukemia reacts to it. The second drug is a new drug that I will get once a day for the first three days. Hopefully these drugs will kill off all the leukemia cells in the bone marrow this time.

We also have a new mailing address for our townhouse here in Durham:

104 Lochridge Dr.
Durham, NC 27713

As always thank you, thank you, thank you!



  1. Hey Amy! Glad to hear the bed is comfortable. (VERY important!) And I hope the food is yummy, too. We're praying for you as you start this latest round of chemo. Just wanted to let you know it!
    Love, Brenda, Dale and family

  2. Hey Amy & Michael,
    Just wanted to let you guys know that I continue to think of you guys and love you both!! And Michael, I know you know my feelings about Duke, so Amy...the food should also be better!!! Stay strong, and hope this round of chemo does the job!!
    Much Love, Sally

  3. Hey Amy & Michael,
    I hope this bed doesn't get uncomfortable like the last one did for you, and I hope they bring you something you like to eat. You'll be a trooper with this chemo, just like the last time and it'll be over before you know it.
    Love you both bunches,

  4. Glad to hear from your Dad that the "pesky" pole will not be as pesky this round. I also heard that he really worked hard with the move in Fri. ;>) Even though you are at the hospital for a few days, it must feel good to know that you have your own place close by and waiting for you. Have a good weekend! Love Ya.

  5. Amy I'm so glad to hear you are comfy in your new room and that the staff is being so kind to you! It's so important that you feel number one, cause you are of course! I'm sure the food will be great there and I bet you are glad you can have fresh fruits and veggies too. Sometimes you just feel like having a salad, at least I do (but most of the time I'd rather have a big cheeseburger or pizza). You are still in my prayers every single day and sometimes twice a day. You have kept such a wonderful attitude and been so strong through everything, you are an inspiration to everyone and especially others in the same situation! Hang in there!

  6. Amy Lucy, I havent blogged you for a few days and I was worried you may go into deep depression or DT's from lack of my "immense words of wisdom" (a.k.a. words from a certified lunatic). we're all groovy, Kel and the boys are at Christians SCA bingo gig in which i'm so upset i'm not with them, (he he he ) The weather is absolutly georgious, Christian helped me all day yesterday with outside work and was a huge help. I was so glad to have his help yesterday as we got much accomplished. Adam spent the day with Caleb Armstrong, which was also good for him, he's a really good kid and they are a really good family, and Kel cleaned windows, floors, closets and other stuff. Its funny to say you stayed home all day and worked hard and actually enjoyed it but we dont get that opportunity very often so it was really nice. The hymn sing was really wonderful the other night. I know I dont have to tell you, but its amazing how wonderful our church, friends, and community have been. Im really proud to be a part of the Alleghany Highlands, and the people who live here. I Love You little one, and I hope to see you in the very near future. Love CHRIS