Saturday, March 14, 2009

Amy has started to feel much better the past day or so. She sat up in bed all day yesterday and was able to eat a few popsicles and some Jello. They have finally got her nausea under control so that is a big help.

We did receive some good news about the bone marrow donor search yesterday. They called and told us that their preliminary searches have come up with a few possibilities of donors. The next step is for them to do more extensive testing of the donors to see how good of a match the bone marrow will be. We are still at least a few weeks off, before we know for sure if they have found a good enough match.

Along these lines, Kelly Vess has been doing a lot of work organizing a bone marrow drive. While this drive will not directly be of help to Amy, we feel that it is very important to try and get as many donors as possible on the national registry. We will keep you up to date as we get more details.

The plan continues to be to wait and watch Amy's blood counts rise. Talking with the doctor this morning it seems like it is their plan to keep her here in the hospital for possibly another 20 or so days. Unlike UVA, Duke feels that it is best to keep leukemia patients in the hospital for a longer time after treatment.


  1. Amy & Michael,
    Hang in there! I am praying that God will work through each person who is caring for you. That is really encouraging about the bone marrow donors! I'll be praying hard about that too!
    Blessings to you both,

  2. Its very good news to hear of possible donor matches. And more important hopefully food will start to look and smell good to you again very soon. Stay strong and know we are "rooting" for you!!! I know you are a very remarkable young woman and an inspiration to many. We love you and Michael, Kathy and Greg and Phyllis, and pray for each of you daily (several times usually!!)

    Lots of love, Karen, Tim and Hollee

  3. Hi Amy
    Chris and Suzanne here. What good news about possible donors. We agree with everyone about that! Hope you have a better upcoming week - as chris said last week - hang tough! Love from the Naples Armstrongs.

  4. Hello Amy Lucy, Im so glad your feeling better. Now I can try to send you the beer and cigarettes you were asking me to bring you. ( just kiddin Phyllis.), Kelly, Adam and I went and played with your children the other night,(to the rest of you reading this thats Roscoe and Winslow) and im happy to inform you that they passed alot of gas in the direction of Kelly and Adam. Michael would have been proud of them. It was pretty funny. They also licked 8 layers of skin off of Adams face and hands so now he has generated new and very soft skin. Im seriously thinking of maybe setting up a boothe at Belk in their cosmetics department and having women lay on a table, and turning Roscoe and winslow loose on them and letting them lick their faces and hands for 15 minutes which will take all the old dry skin off and in about 2 or 3 days they will regenerate new soft skin. And charge them $100 a session, and split the money with you guys since im using your kids. I got a feeling im on to something here. What do you think? Well, gonna run for now. Hope i made you giggle a little anyway. (although im dead serious about using the dogs for womens facials) We love you bunches, and hope to talk with you soon. Love CHRIS

  5. Hi Amy and Michael!

    Just wanted you to know that I have my church in Richmond praying for you and your family. I know this is a "challenging" time but we know that God is good in all things, all of the time. He has already shown his power and Grace in many things so far in this journey of yours. I was able to be at church for the hymn sing, it was the first weekend I've been home since Christmas. Mom keeps me up-to-date but I check this blog regularly too!

    Hang in there and God Bless!
    Lorie Craft

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  7. Sorry, my computer is acting up(maybe it's the user!!) Just letting you know we are thinking of you, and hope one of the donors is a great match! That sounds very encouraging. We love you , Genie and Eddie

  8. Super to hear from your Mom and Dad that you have been up and about at least a little today. Hope you move into your more spacious Duke room real soon. What a blessing that Michael's Perdue Professor is friends with the UNC Chem Professor so that his work can continue. The golf course grass around here has been getting a good drink of water from the steady rain we have had for several days. Knowing you guys are online, I would like to share an address with you from the Upper Room
    It has several interesting "things" including devotions you might enjoy.
    Talk to you again soon and we'll keep the happy thoughts and prayers coming your way!

  9. Amy,
    We are glad to hear that you was feeling a little better. You are in our prayers every day. It was nice to hear that you felt like getting up for a while. I know that that made you feel alot better. Everyone here says hello and that they think of you every day. Just remember, that God is watching over you and he will take care of you. If there is anything that we can do, just let us know.

    Jerry, Teresa and family