Monday, March 23, 2009

Last night Amy developed a little fever. They have since put her on two antibiotics. Her getting the fever is no big surprise, with her blood counts so low the doctors fully expected her to get a fever at some point.  She has been a little worn out as you usually do when you have a fever, but she has been able to rest well.  

We did get the final results from the bone marrow biopsy that she had Friday and we can happily say that the bone marrow was clear of any leukemia cells.  

She will continue to be in the hospital for another week or so at which point she should be able to go the apartment and stay for while.  The next step is to wait until a donor is found.  


  1. Hey,
    I'm happy to hear the good news about the biopsy results! Keep hanging in there and keep the faith. God will see you through. :)
    We're praying for you!
    Josh & Bethany

  2. great news about the biopsy, got those little suckers this time!! rest up and hope gus comes by soon. have a good night, genie and eddie

  3. PRAISE TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER! ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO HIM! He is watching over you, Amy. I am so happy for you and so relieved to receive this Good News. I love you. Hang in there and feel better quickly. Enjoy the visit with your Grandma this week. She has been "just waiting" to get to you.
    Aunt Robbie

  4. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Good job Amy keep fighting!!your faith and strength still amaze us all. We are so proud of you and Michael. You have been a witness to so many people. I'm sure Matthew is going to say that it had something to do with the DUKE blue chemo. Love ya both and we will see you soon.
    Roberta and David

  5. Amy,
    So glad to read about the GREAT news you guys got yesterday!!! What a HUGE BLESSING!!! Now on to the next phase in your recovery right!! We send our prayers that your fever, rash go away quickly and your taste returns to normal!!
    Love and Prayers, Keith,kate, maddi and carson :)

  6. Amy I'm SO HAPPY to hear your biopsy was free of leukemia cells!! I bet you are too!! Hopefully these last chemo treatments did their job and will keep you clear and free of the bad cells :) Now it's time to take it easy and relax until they find a donor match for you, which I hope will be very soon. I'm sure it will be nice just to get to your apartment and have some sense of "home." Please let me know if there is anything you need or want that I could send you!! Hang in there, God listens and he answers prayers :)

  7. YIPPPPEEEE!!!! I'm so excited to hear about the bone marrow biopsy results! That is great news! Sorry I haven't been in touch better... I'm working on it! I am so proud of you and how positive you are remaining, you are an inspiration! Let me know if you need anything from the good ol' VA and hopefully NO more "pukie" blue chemo for you :) (kidding matthew.. sorta! GO HOOS!) Take care of yourself. Love you lots!!!

  8. Great news about the biopsy results!! hopefully will be out of the hospital soon... It was nice visiting the other day, glad to see Amy looked good. Hang in there Amy! (AND good luck with the donor)
    -Stuart + Nikki

  9. Praise the Lord for your Great report! :) We are praying that your taste buds start to work and that your appetite returns! Keep doing a great are headed in the right direction! Love, Kevin and Tammy

  10. This is such great news- God continues to bless!! Amy, you and your family and friends continue to be in our thoughts and prauers.

  11. Hi Amy,
    We are so happy to hear the good news about the bone marrow. And, we hope the infection dies down soon - kill those gremlins! We wait for Greg's updates every day/other day! We had a great visit with your aunt and uncle here in Naples. Take care dear. Love, Chris and Suzanne in Naples

  12. Amy Lucy, Howdy cowgirl, Everythings fine here on the ranch. Gonna have to go round up one of my calves (adam) here pretty soon. The rodeo (track meet) was canceled to inclimate weather so I reckon Ill have to go and haul my steer (christian) back to the barn (home). My ol milk cow (Kelly) is still out to pasture (work) so imma gonna have to fex up some cowboy stew ( something somewhat edible) to slap across our lips (eat). Well its been fun, but you know us cowboys cant plant our feet in one place long enough to take up root, so I must Ride off into the sunset to another town, another place, another rodeo.(gotta go pick up adam). Hope to see ya on the range.
    Love Ya.
    Chris " The Bull" (full of it aint I) Vess

  13. WOOHOO!! It's celebration time! Savannah says "You need to have a party!" I am sure that partying isn't quite how you feel, but when it's time we are ready. We love you and hope food starts to taste better soon!!
    Billy Lee Anne Savannah and Maria

  14. Hi Amy and all-

    Hang in there girl-I am so happy about the biopsy-those drugs worked and I know you can tell that-hope they can get you feeling better fast-I know we are all praying hard for that-lots of love and care caoming to you!