Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hi Everyone! I apologize for not updating sooner. Simple tasks seemed to be so hard to do - like mom said tying my shoes or anything requiring fine motor skills were and still are difficult. Even typing is somewhat of a challenge. I am still very weak and have to have help walking anywhere due to my lack of balance (my mother is very diligent about making sure someone is with me everywhere I walk). I can't say that my mouth sores are better, but we're managing my foods fairly well. I'm at one of those points where you eat to live instead of "living to eat".

In good news, we did get the weekend off and had some great company. My White Blood Cell count was 5.7 (down from 8.3ish) so at least we're still going in the right direction even without the oral chemotherapy pills.

Keep the love and keep praying, that is all I can ask for at this point, Amy


  1. I hope this is not a duplicate, lost the first comment. But, my dear Amy, you have so much love and so many prayers being made for you by so, so many people. We all love you and your strength. You're very special and I love you.

  2. Amy!! You never need to apologize to any of us. It is just so good to "see" your comments. That way we know you are feeling some better. You are amazing, Pretty Lady. I am told you are now a REDhead when you choose to be. In my opinion that is a excellent choice :) Alli seems to have a bit it as well.
    We love you and continue to pray diligently. Your strength is a blessing to us.

  3. Amy, It is so good to see you update your blog today because that means you are feeling better and doing better and all the good stuff! You never have to worry about keeping the love. It comes to you in huge waves from every direction, including mine. And, we never cease praying for you. Lots and Lots of Everything Good to You, Beautiful Girl. <3<3 Your Aunt Robbie

  4. The girls and I just want you to know that we send you love everyday. It is so good to see a message from you. Your strength is amazing. What a blessing you are to so many people, especially my girls. If you only knew how much they talk about you. :) We will continue to pray for you and ask that more blessings and love are sent your way.

  5. hey honey. so glad to see a post from you. i heard about your company and it sounds like a fun weekend for you, having ones who love you coming around. there are many of us here also who are very much there in spirit. the love and prayers are definitely with you dear girl. i look forward to your dads emails and your posts - and the fact that i can now post back!!! lol god bless

  6. I LOVE YOU!!!

    What an amazing person you are. (I knew it all along..) I'm so glad that you're feeling a little better and able to get out & about some. You are a wonderful blessing to all of us and I am in constant awe of your strength & positive attitude. Give your mom kisses for me. Take care of you - I love you.



  7. Good to hear from you and know you're feeling a bit better. You are constantly in our thoughts, so our love is always going out to you and our prayers are always going up for you. "Never ceasing." It's hard to realize how much you're struggling, but inspirational that with all you've been through you're still keepin'on keepin' on. Your honesty about your illness and it's effects is the backdrop for what we see when you share your faith and positive outlook.
    Thank you for sharing. You ARE amazing, and a blessing. I love you and admire you. Have a blessed day today.

  8. Hi Amy, from Chris and Suzanne in Baltimore. You have our love and thoughts!

  9. Donna Simpson NicelyJuly 14, 2010 at 3:12 PM

    I was so excited to see your blog...it is a blessing to all of us who are praying for you...even though I did not get to know you before leukemia...I feel like I know you now....and you are an inspiration to me.....to live each day with zest whether I feel like it or not!!! blessings,love, prayers.....donna

  10. blair said it best when she said,
    " girlfriend!!!!!..... you rock like a hokie defense in november!!!!!!!! rrr ruurrrrr rurrrrh"

  11. Amy - Words can't express how much I admire your strength and courage. You are a true inspiration and I hope that you keep feeling a little better each day. I think about you all the time and I'm sending love and prayers your way everyday!

  12. Amy - just to clarify. I said nothing w/ the word Hokie in it :)

    I love you lots!

  13. Amy,
    I'm so glad your white blood count is going down!
    May God carry you and your family gently through this time!
    I think of you more often than you know and am in constant prayer for you!
    God loves you, Amy. I hope you know that more and more.

  14. Mary Wing StalnakerJuly 14, 2010 at 10:30 PM

    I was so excited to see a new post from you, Amy. I think about you often and pray all the time. You and Michael were very special to me when I was at Alleghany High School. I hope things keep looking up more and more each day!

  15. Hi Amy!
    It's so good to see you back on your blog! You're in my prayers everyday, praying for healing - as God has no limits. You're about as tough as they come, and a true inspiration to all of us back in the hometown. God bless you and all of your wonderful family!
    Jennifer Unroe

  16. dear amy,

    if you chat with blair this weekend.....please remind her that she is supposed to bring the refreshments for next weeks A.A. meeting....or was it Alzheimer's......now she has me forgetting things......what is my name????......who is my favorite patient at duke university ?????? was thomas jefferson the president>>>> the last time the wahoos beat a hokie team in football???????? whew!!!!!!!!!! for a minute there, i thought i was the one with the problem.......but i know these....the planned one, amy crizer and yes..... i think he might have been......if our charlottesville cousin starts wearing her undiewahroos on the outside again.....call me quick.....i have that butterfly net here somewhere.....
    have a great weekend and remember somebody in south carolina loves ya bunches

  17. Glad to hear the white count it down. Take one day at a time as a blessed gift in return you have been a blessing to all of us. We continue to think about you and pray for you.

    Loved in Clifton Forge