Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good evening,

Good : Amy's balance is almost back to normal, the mental confusion has cleared up
and she is feeling better than she was a few weeks ago.
Bad: Amy still has a bad cough, a sore throat/mouth and because of the soreness she
is having difficulty finding things she can eat that are also filling. She really wants
"normal" food, but they are too hard for her to eat. We are trying everything from Baby Foods to Ensure Milkshakes. Right now her favorite food is banana Popsicles.

The clinic is trying to give Amy two days off between appointments which is nice. She had an appointment Monday and we go back tomorrow (Thursday). We are so grateful for all those who have made their way south ( or north for the "planned one" from SC :)....) for a visit. Thank you to everyone who has sent cards - Amy had a huge stack of cards in the mail yesterday. Thank you to all the people who are praying for Amy.
Love and hugs to all...


  1. Hello to ya'll in Durham. Great to hear you're feeling better and some of the troubling symptoms have cleared up, Amy. Praise God! Your name was lifted up in prayer at Lone Star again tonight. So many people, like me, have you in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. You are greatly loved! (Tonight I'm asking God to help you find something yummy and nutritious that's easy to eat.)

  2. Hello to you two Lovely Ladies :)
    I know that the breaks between clinic visits must be really nice. I am thanking God for the relief of many of those nasty ailments. We will pray that soreness of your mouth and throat and that worrisome cough soon go away. Now there has to be a really really good cook out there that can come up with something good and nutritious for you to eat... unfortunately that would NOT be me :(
    Sending love and prayers to you both and BIG BIG hugs.

  3. So glad to hear that the mental confusion (though my husband says that I stay that way) has cleared up and that you can have some rest. Rest is important for physical and emotional healing. I know that you already know what a wonderful mom you have there. She'll come up with something that you will enjoy eating, but for now you can dream of all those desserts you can look forward to when the sores are gone.
    Thanks for letting us love you and blessing us through your blog.I know it is not easy to keep it up when you don't feel well or when more important matters are at hand.
    We continue to pray for you and your family.
    Loved in Clifton Forge

  4. thank you kathy for your update on our girl. all of you are such inspirations to those of us who complain about such stuff as the weather!!!!! i wish i could come up with something delicious to eat that would get past the sore throat/cough issue -- i guess a chocolate milkshake doesnt do the trick? just know we love you and so many hearts are united in prayer for you.god bless. jane

  5. glad to hear about your improvements with your balance......i had visions of you and blair and lassie walking down the street to get a milkshake........all the passer byers hollarin somethin like look, theres ilene and her two sisters......or......theres ilene and wayover walking lassie.....or....the a.a. meeting is two blocks and hang a left...or.....i can do this all day....but i won't for my own sanity....wait....theres one more i got to get out there.....if you were pigeon toed and blair was could take lassie for a walk and spell ox or xo depending on which way you were walking.....kinda like tattooing mom on your could also be WOW??????? obviously we can't compare to what you're going thru but i did have serious vertigo for about a year and a half and it was a trip......first time i got it...i woke up and took a few steps toward the kitchen and almost walked out the upstairs window..... i walked into strangers, walls, traffic, name day it stopped on its own.....i need to run see a man about a horse girlfriend....take care of yourself and remember.....sisclyb

  6. Hi there-Happy to hear the good news! and I hope and pray her eating gets better-I bet it would be nice for some variety

    I got addicted to Chick Fil A soft ice cream-has she tried something like that-milkshakes tasted ok but did not settle well on the tummy-if she likes cold things mostly what about smoothies-I KNOW you have tried it all but I was brainstorming...

    Hope today is a good day at clinic and they can help plan for the cough

    You folks are amazing troopers!! Love and prayers form Alabama


  7. God bless y'all!
    I hope that the visit to the clinic was helpful today. I am praying for God to help you through each and every thing, no matter how big or small!
    Would you please also let Michael know that I am praying for him as well? Thanks!
    I am praying for God to strengthen your trust in him even more. I pray that you truly know how much God loves you, in this tough time.
    All my love,

  8. hope today is better, someone said DQ has a good strawberry/lemonade slushy(get the icy one),keep trying things i guess. do not pay much attention to that David fella, sounds a
    bit crazy to me, oops i think we are related, oh no!! hope what he has is contagious, not hereditary. stay strong, we love you, genie
    and eddie

  9. You can lick this thing Amy! God bless you.
    Trusting Jesus,
    David & Candy

  10. Hey Sweetie, I was so happy to be with you for a visit yesterday and today. I hope the Flagyl will clear up those mouth sores quickly. I like David's & Candy's comment! God willing, you CAN like this thing. He is keeping you here for something, hopefully a miracle.
    I love you...Grandma PV

  11. Amy and Kathy, So glad you are doing better, but very sorry for all the problems with mouth and throat sores. Nicholas loves those banana freezer pops! I hope you had a good doctors visit on Thursday and glad to hear you are going to get a little break between visits. You all are always in our thoughts and prayers. Much love and hope, always, Kathy

  12. Donna Simpson NiceyJuly 25, 2010 at 1:54 PM

    As I go about my day,my thoughts turn to you and I whisper a prayer......The people of Alleghany County may be divided on many issues, but we are united in our prayers for God's Grace for you and yours...............blessings, donna

  13. dear amy,
    whenever we have a sore throat around our house, we eat baked pears with cinnamon and cool whip.......and drink chocolate banana milkshakes with honey.........the combination of cinnamon and honey is an ancient cure-all for almost everything going all the way back to biblical days......obviously, cool whip was left out of the original manuscript and the king james version but rumor has it that it was mentioned by a rump smoochin slave in the dead sea scrolls........something like..... "yesssssir, thats a mighty "cool whip" ya got there pharaoh!!!!" i know..i!!!! hissssssssssssssss!!!!
    or another possible avenue to check out....
    i wonder if pepto bismol would coat your throat (like it does a stomach lining)long enough for you to swallow comfortably....i'm not sure on this one but it definitely works internally...
    jennimonster suggests green tea with honey (hot or cold) its a wonder drug for all kinds of symptoms...hopefully one of these might help...
    love ya bunches,
    i bet that was tough to figure out......
    who else but me would use a dead sea scroll joke like that one....

    ps.... i have found thru extensive research that everything is better with dean martin music...others might scoff but its hard not to feel better with deano's version of "you're no-body til some-body loves you!!! playing in your head....before you know it...your snappin those fingers and the world becomes a better place to live....why do you think the taliban outlawed his music???? cuz, they want everybody to be, i'm ramblin sooooooo....
    get all better really soon and remember somebody in south carolina loves ya bunches!!!!!

  14. well honey, your dad reports an exciting roller coaster ride ahead, so we are buckling in and riding with you. god bless you all and please know how much you are loved. jane