Monday, June 28, 2010

Hope everyone had a good weekend! We had the whole weekend off from clinic!

In some exciting news we went to a wig shop on Saturday and I used some of the money raised by my dad's golf buddies (THANKS GUYS) to buy two wigs! (Men buying me wigs - somewhat ironic). Anyway, I had ordered a wig a LONG time ago and had some of Aunt Mary Beth's but I think I may be more prone to wearing the two I bought since I got to try them on and have professional help fixing them and things.

I am at the clinic now receiving both platelets and red blood cells. I have not received red blood cells in a while so hopefully this will give my energy level a bump. My white count dropped down from over 25 to 15.8, so it's still high but going in a better direction.

For reference, a "normal" person's white count should be between 3.2-9.8. A "normal" platelet count is between 150-450, and a "normal" Hemoglobin is 12-15.5 (Sorry to the scientist reading this post - I'm not sure what the units are). My platelets get down to the single digits and usually get up in the 40's after a transfusion. Okay, enough education for today.

They raised the dosage of my chemo last Thursday and unfortunately mouth sores have started to be a problem. As much as I love to eat I do not want to compromise my health just to help with mouth sores - we will learn the things I can and cannot eat. For a good laugh: right now I'm eating a lot of raw crescent roll dough! You just never know where you may have to get your nutrition from.

My only other complaint is that our apartment still isn't staying cool. Yesterday I don't think the living room got below 80! I know this is petty because some people do not have a/c but I am just not handling the heat well at all. Hopefully our landlord can do something about this soon.

Positives: No nausea and no pain other than the mouth. We also got some good news from the Duke financial office. I don't like to write about how much things cost/financial issues but lets all add a thank you in our prayers tonight for this.

Love and thanks to all, Amy


  1. Hey Amy and all-

    Sounds like a good weekend-I need a pic of you in your new hair-and you must name them-mine were hannah and hilda-and I have no idea why I named them that-I will blame it on chemo! Mayfield will love it that golf-related funds contributed to the purchase-

    I am sorry to hear about the mouth sores-sdo you use the magic mouthwash-I cannot imagine raw crescent roll dough but heck you eat whatever works!

    I am so happy that the increased dose is working better-hang in there kid-you are a tough one!!

    And they better get the air fixed soon!!!

    Love to all-


  2. Hey Amy,
    I was so happy to find your blog on my new computer. I still don't have email service, but I'll get it if Shentel ever returns my call!
    I can't wait to see your new wigs...on you! I would love to have pictures. Also, thanks for the lesson on your counts, you just hang in there like you have been doing, you're so strong, so fight, fight, fight! I admire your spunk and good nature, you're just so sweet. Better give me the office number for the AC, it needs to be fixed, NOW. Love you bushels,

  3. Hey Amy, I hope you don't get this post twice, I was so proud to be able to send one on my new computer, and it said it was posted, but it never showed. I still do not have email service, just waiting for Shentel to return my call.
    I would love to have pictures of you in your wigs. I hope you enjoy those "golf" wigs, so very nice of the golfing buddies to be so thoughtful.
    Also, thanks for the lesson on your counts, you just hang in there like you have been doing, you are so strong and such a sweet attitude. I hate those mouth sores, wish I could help with them.
    I love you bushels, also Michael and Kathy.
    Yes, thanking Duke financial for their help. God is good! Blessings, Grandma

  4. Well, duh, it did print twice....sorry

  5. I can't believe I'm posting this late, but I can't sleep! I'm sorry about the mouth sores, but so glad your white count is headed in the right direction. Hope your AC starts working better!

  6. Good report Amy! Praise God. Keep it up and enjoy the cooler weather that will arrive tomorrow.

    Trusting Jesus,
    David & Candy

  7. Amy,
    RAW crescent dough??? Now I am all for eating raw cookie dough but crescent dough :) Maybe Grandma Brenda (Muterspaugh) can send you HER raw dough :) I am sure you are rocking those wigs!!! Hope you guys have a COOLER and Pain free week :) Love and Prayers daily, Keith, Kate, Maddi, Carson and Alli

  8. Praising God with you for answered prayers! God is GOOD!! And raw bread dough has been a favorite of my kids for years. (now grandkids)You really should post of picture or two of your new hairdos. We'd love to see your beautiful self. No matter the hair - you've always had a gorgeous smile. Wishing you cooler temperatures and good numbers. Love you and pray for you daily.

  9. Amy,
    I am so happy about your white blood count -- that's encouraging! I'm also glad for your good financial news and no nausea or pain except for mouth. I will pray about that and that your AC will be fixed soon -- you're not being a complainer; that is important!
    Once, I was in Ghana and one of their favorite foods is "fufu" which tastes like raw bread dough. Often, they use the fufu to scoop us what else is on their plate. So you might consider doing this. Hey, just tell everyone that you are "going international"!
    May you know in your heart that God will take good care of you and your family!

  10. Hey there cutie patootie...

    Sorry it's been forever since I've posted anything. I check your blog often, but never write. What a horrible cousin I am.

    You always seem to amaze me. I absolutely adore your strength & will.

    I think about you every day and want you to know how much I love you. Take care of you and let me know if there is anything you need.


    Kiss your mother for me. I love you guys!


  11. your post sounded so good! bet those wigs look
    great on you! maybe mom can get a matching one, wouldnt that be cute! hopefully things will cool down starting tomorrow, so that will help. have a good week, love you, genie
    p.s. i think the dough sounds great, ask anyone that knows me(kathy??)

  12. Hey Pretty Lady,
    You are ever the teacher on this journey... teaching us with wisdom far beyond your years.. of which I remember them all. :)
    I also want to see pics of your new do... of which I hope at least one of them is RED :)
    Love, HUGS, and prayers,

  13. Amy, it all sounds pretty good from your blog. I hope the mouth sores are under control. I usually check on how you are doing from Kelly and my sister Sheryl. You and your family are always in our thougts and prayers. Today we are celebrating one year post surgery for Miss Elizabeth. We go to UVA on the 7th for scans (6 month f/u) and then to Philly for the 12th for her 1 year follow-up surgery. Hopefully all will be good news and we will be able to rest easy again for 3 months, other than the monthly visits for blood work. We hope your apartment gets cooler, the days are better at home this week, and that you continue to feel better. Elizabeth sends you her love. Much love, hope and prayers, as always, Kathy