Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all are staying cool in this heat!! Our apartment does not get much below 75 so needless to say I am ripping through the popsicles! Luckily Michael bought me a "portable" little floor a/c last year for our bedroom so it gets cool enough in there to sleep at night. I was mad at him for buying it at the time but I don't know how I would live without it now! I've never handled heat well in the first place and chemo doesn't help this much.

I'm still going to clinic every other day and getting platelets each time. Today was a day off and we just tried to stay cool and relax. It's so confusing to feel so good but be so sick - I know this is an answer to prayer and I appreciate it more than any of you can imagine.

My white count went up a little bit yesterday so they upped the dosage of my Hydrea hoping that would bring it back down. We will see what the numbers are tomorrow.

Again stay cool and enjoy the summer!


  1. Keep the popsicles coming! I worked in the Camp Accovac kitchen during lunch today. He and I were both a little lost, but did what we were told. Angie H. has things very organized this week. I got there before lunch and she already had lunch and dinner pretty much under control. Amazing! It was nice to see your dad. Hope to see him at the Kiwanis Poker Paddle, that is if there is any water left by this weekend. As always you and your family are in our prayers. Keep trying to stay cool!

  2. Dear God,
    Please send lower numbers.... white cell counts AND temperature. Amen.

  3. Oh, and Pretty Lady....
    We love you!

    HUGS and Prayers...

  4. Yeah, Carolina is well known for the hot, humid summers...but hopefully the long, pretty spring and mild winters somewhat makes up for it. We're getting Shay spayed today, and pending hopefully her quick recovery, are you up for a visit next week? Let me know what days you think you'll be at the clinic and I'll try to pick a day you're home.....

  5. It's really hot here, too. And more humid. We've never had air conditioning at home but I'm starting to think about putting it in. Glad you can cool things down there. And I'm sure the popsicles help. It's good to know you're feeling "so good" and we thank God right along with ya. We lift you up in prayer continually and send many loving thoughts your way.... always,

  6. Popsicles sound so good, especially in this hot, humid weather. Adam's favorite is banana, do you like them? I'm on your dad's laptop, and I'm not used to it, but should get my computer Monday, just glad he let me use his for the weekend. This was a frustrating day for me, but so glad you had a good day. Locking my keys in the car did not help!!
    Love you much, Grandma

  7. Donna Simpson NicelyJune 27, 2010 at 4:39 PM

    Amy, it always makes my day to see your posts....what a blessing that you are feeling so well....I can picture Michael smiling because he bought the little a/c.....and you licking a popsicle.....just the "everyday moments" are precious, aren't they? Blessings,love, prayers.....donna

  8. Just wanted to say Hey & we love you!!! We are getting into the swing of Hollee's last summer of travel ball, can you believe this is our 7th summer? So we were in SC (100 dgrs) PA little cooler (90 dgrs) richmond this weekend (richmond on the 4th of July?) then salem a couple weekends then back to VA Beach & finally Sterling, Va. We have u in our hearts and on our minds always!!!
    Love ya'll Lots,
    Karen, Tim & Hollee

  9. good to hear from you. we are on our mini vacation at nags head, and boy is it hot!! ocean is freezing today, crazy. we have seen a few dolphins fairly close to shore, very nice. thought of your dad losing his glasses that time, that was pretty funny, except to to him i think. thinking of you all, hope they can keep those popsicles coming! love to all, genie and eddie