Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well we received some bad news today: the leukemia is back. However, it is very very early and the immature cells have not even started to come out into my blood yet, they just found leukemia cells in the bone marrow. The next step is that they are going to contact my original donor and ask if he can make another donation of cells. If so, they will give me a round of chemo and then transplant more of his cells. This will act sort of as a booster to the stem cell transplant. Due to the early stage of the leukemia, Dr. Rizzieri is not in a big rush to get started. Michael and I will decide whether to go ahead with the treatment in the next week or so or wait until after Christmas while watching the leukemia closely. In smaller news I also have shingles.

We were disappointed by the news but at the same time, just like in February, we know what's wrong and all we can do is try to fix it. In GOOD news, we got the LAST turkey at Whole Foods today so I think it was meant that that turkey happened to be left for us.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, much thanks, Amy


  1. Hey Baby,
    Not good news at all, but a lot of hope still. I just hate for you to have to go through more treatments, etc., but as strong as you have been, I know you can do it. This is the first big bump in the road, so I hope it will be smooth sailing once this is taken care of.
    I am not surprised you and Michael got a turkey, it was meant for you!
    I love you...Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. We hold you close in our thoughts and prayers Amy. Special Thankgiving prayers for your latests trials.

  3. Miss Amy,
    Your positive attitude remains an inspiration to us all. Have a wondefully blessed Thanksgiving!
    Prayers continue to surround you and your very special family.

  4. Amy, Sorry to hear it was a bigger bump the road than you hoped for. As everyone has said, you have a positive attitude and a really, really, large group of people praying for you and we know you can make it through this, just as you did before.
    We'll be taking care of your grandma this Thanksgiving, even though I know she would rather be home, with you all there, cooking that turkey for you. Give Michael, and your mom and dad our love, and we hope you have a really nice Thanksgiving.
    We love you,
    Patty and Tommy

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! When we can't be thankful for our trials, we can be thankful in them and through them. You have blessed me and so many others by choosing to do just that. So enjoy that turkey! Ya know it's going to be extra delicious since it was saved just for you. We love you...we're praying...always!

  6. dear amy,
    what are the chances????? genie and mom coming down with ms and parkinsons in the same and maybeth diagnosed with cancer the same week and now this coincidence......
    i just recently developed a leaking roof from missing shingles and you develope shingles that you had before but have missing for years.....
    somebody say do do do do do do do do do do do do do dodadoom......for any of you non-believers...thats the old theme from the twilight zone which used to be really popular and now is distantly related to the biggest movie out right now "twilight" about vampires which are definitely blood related as is our new governmental leader (can't remember his name) but some of his homeys recently called him pathogen or wait....its coming to me...they said... whazzzuppp blood?? yea, thats it.....blood.... which is leukemia i the only one begginning to sense a government conspiracy here???????? i'm gettin off of this blog cause i think i hear covert taping you bunches
    col.oliver north

  7. Amy,

    God has special plans for your life, and it blesses me to see that you will not let this valley keep you from your journey to the next mountaintop. Your strength, your courage, and your perseverence are an inspiration.

    But I know that even the strongest warriors need uplifting. While we may not be able to fight this battle for you, we will not stand idly by. You are in our thoughts, our prayers, and our hearts. God bless you, Amy, and all those in your life!

  8. Along with David's post, I sometimes feel like I am going crazy, and then I see where he already is!! What a coincidence, huh? Hope your turkey was tasty, and you are having a good visit with the folks. Hope to see you soon. We love you, Genie and Eddie

  9. Amy,

    It sounds like the best news is that the cells were detected early and stem cell and/or a platelet infusion will do what's needed.

    You are in our prayers, as are your doctors and donor.

    Keep the faith Amy, and aloow your prayer warriors to get back to work!

    In His rich love,

    David & Candy

  10. So sorry to hear the news Amy! Hang in there and keep your positive attitude, it is certainly an inspiration to all of us. Instead of a little speed bump this is more like a detour on the road to recovery for you. Please let me know if there is anything at all I can do to help. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

    "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6

  11. Hope you had a great Turkey day. We forgot to put the turkey on the table this year. Your positive attitude is truly inspiring. I asked for prayer at church for you and also did some knee mail for you as well. Please send my your email address so I can send you pictures of Teagan. Mine is Love you guys lots. Joleen

  12. Hey Amy, I heard from Genie...she is the best about keeping me up 2 date....I too hated to hear your latest, however sounds like things are working your way despite this "bump" is early and the people looking after you are right on top of everything!..this is a BIG PLUS!..I love your sense of humor...the "Good News" that you got the last turkey at Whole Foods and guess what I got the last "pumpkin pie" at Sams..Makes one feel so good, doesn't it!...We are down to the turkey sandwiches and 2 pieces of pie....I am thinking about having a piece of pie right now...I know I shouldn't but o well I am thinking "IT WAS THE LAST PIE!" so ENJOY! right? take care, and keeping you in our prayers!!..Wanda and Jerry