Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So the last two days have not been the best. Yesterday, my blood work showed that all of my counts had dropped (platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells). I had to go back today for a bone marrow biopsy to try to figure out what is going on and to get some red blood cells. After waiting on the type and screen process it took them about two hours to get the blood to the clinic so today was a long day. The results of the bone marrow will probably be delayed because of Thanksgiving but we are just going to enjoy the week and not think about it.

I also have been having some pain in a strip starting at the middle of my ribs, going around my side and to the middle of my back. I automatically thought of shingles because of the shape of the area that is painful. Tonight a few little red spots have popped up in that area so in my non-M.D. opinion I probably have shingles. I had them when I was 16 but I lost my immunity to them with the transplant. Shingles are very common in post transplant patients. I will go to the clinic in the morning to let them check it out. This may sound crazy but it was a relief to me to see the little bit of rash because shingles is something we can deal with and I was starting to worry that the pain was caused by something more serious.

I also have more blood work Friday morning so unfortunately we will not make it to VA for Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad are coming here for Thanksgiving but I still miss getting to see everyone else.

Much thanks for your love, prayers and good wishes!


  1. Dear Amy & Michael,
    You know that you are in my prayers. You have both been so strong through all of this, and my prayer is that this is just one of those bumps in the road. I am trusting that God will bring you through this trying time. I love you both very much.

  2. sounds like shingles for sure! maybe that has other stuff out of sorts, who knows?? we are saying extra prayers for you, and you have been so tough, we know you can beat this. try to enjoy the holiday, we will talk to you soon.
    We love you,
    Genie and Eddie

  3. My Dear Lady,
    KNOW that prayers are flooding your way. During this time of giving thanks, we thank GOD for HIS faithfulness in this situation. Sending love, prayers, and hugs to your entire family.
    BIG, BIG hugs!!

  4. Amy,
    We continue to lift you up daily and we hope that this 'bump in the road' smoothes on out :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family! You are truly one of the strongest women I know!! With lots of love and prayers, Kate, Keith, Maddi and Carson

  5. Why hellllloooo there buttercup -

    First off - I'm going to go ahead and suggest while you're down there at Duke they just give you an honorary medical degree (not as good a Wahoo medical degree but I suppose it will do). Hehe. You're sooo smart :)

    Second off - I hate cancer and if I meet in a dark alley I'm going to kick it's butt. I usually try to take the high road on things(people say I'm too darn nice) but it's messing w/ the wrong people ;) (I'm positive you don't need me messing with it b/c you seem to have done a great job on your own.. but if you need back up let me know).

    third - I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving w/ your mom & dad & Michael. Try to stay positive and enjoy the company. I wish I could have gotten to see you but maybe VERY soon.

    fourth - I love you. I am thankful for having a positive, great, tough, and beautiful cousin. (and I'm not taking about Benji)

    fifth - go hoos. beat the hokies! ;)

  6. oops. *talking* about Benji.

    I got all emotional and forgot the dang "l".

  7. Hey, when we can be grateful for a case of shingles, we are truly being thankful in all circumstances. We're stepping up the praying and sending lots of love (and a few fresh rolls) to Durham with wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving.
    Put on the mighty armor of God and stay strong in your faith. I love you!!!

  8. Hey Amy, just got an email from Genie....and checked your blog..U bet there are people, people, people, remembering you, your family and the doctors who are taking care of you in their PRAYERS...there is nothing more powerful than prayer!!!...This Thanksgiving is extra special because U have come a long way...U can handle the shingles like a piece of "pumpkin pie"... I agree with your Grandma, another "bump" in the road..Well I am going to say what I am thinking....NO MORE BUMPS!!! I know U R taking good care, and know that U R being thought of in prayer by many! Love, Wanda and Jerry...:)

  9. Amy,
    Hope is eternal as is God's love for us. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. We are thankful for YOU!
    Please give everyone my love.
    I love you!

  10. dear amy,

    did i hear or read correctly that your hokie mascot cousin blair finally admitted that and i quote here, "some people think i'm too nice" i've been her favorite planned relative forever and i can honestly say....i have never heard someone say this even under the influence of date rape drugs from mexico....i have heard some other doozies but not that one....she must have gotten a little tooooooo hot under the hokie mascot ensemble that day they whooped their last opponent.....wa---who was that team??? i agree with all her other comments but with a clear conscience could not let her slip that one in there.......hope your numbers are improving a lil everyday....and keep up the good work......as my yankee brother would say..
    yousa guys are an endspiration tous all da rest ov us!!!!!! xoxoxox always

    your south carolina fans