Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good evening, I had a doctors appointment today. My blood work is still the same: platelets are still low. They really did not expect anything to change in two days. My blood pressure was low both Monday and Wednesday so I get to stop taking my blood pressure medicine (the immune suppressant tends to raise blood pressure). My potassium level was also very good so I only have to take 1 potassium pill a day instead of 2. Finally, the BIG NEWS is that they also cut my immune suppressant in half as well. I now only take 2 immune suppressant pills a day instead of 4. This is a sensitive process and the hope is that my body won't start attacking the donor cells. However, I am very hopeful that I will not have any problems. In total they cut out 4 pills today and had already cut 3 last week. So the number of pills I'm having to take daily is decreasing which is always good from my point of view. At some points after the transplant I took about 30 pills a day! In other good news my pesky magnesium was all the way up to 1.7 (normal is 1.8). I go back for more blood work on Monday.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is a week away and this holiday means more to me than it ever has before. I started making a list of people I was thankful for the other day (remember I'm bored) and I had 2 1/2 pages of names just off the top of my head. So just let me say I am thankful for you all and hope each of you has a Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Hey,
    I think a lot of us are more thankful this Thanksgiving than ever before. We are so thankful for the miracle in your life. We are not going to let up on praying for you, that GvHD will not attack you. You are doing so great, I am confident things are going to be fine.
    Love you bunches,

  2. Amy, it was so good to read your posting and to hear all the good things that are happening. You have touched so many peoples lives in ways you will never know...We all are thankful for you and how you have stayed strong in your faith. You are always thinking of others...Happy Thanksgiving Amy!!!...Love to u and all your family..Wanda & Jerry...;)

  3. Amy,
    And you are a blessing and inspiration to us all!
    Have a terrific Thanksgiving!

  4. GREAT NEWS, Amy! You sound so good. Thanksgiving means more to many of us this year. Growing families, another year with special friends, improving health. We are all so very blessed. YOU just make us feel even more blessed :)
    Love, Hugs, and Prayers!!

  5. Amy,
    What a blessing to know how well you are doing! We praise God for His mercy and grace every day, and know you do too! Yes, this Thanksgiving is a very special one for you and we rejoice for you.
    Our prayers and those of our e-devotional prayer team are with you.
    In His rich love,
    David & Candy

  6. Great report! What an awesome God we serve!! We are so thankful for the miracle of you! And other miracles in our community like David Hagy, and I could go on and on...but what has been impressed on my heart is that praying and hoping for the big miracles makes me ever more aware of the smaller ones we are given daily. It helps me keep perspective and not take blessings and God's provision for granted. It has blessed me to know you've made a list of people you're thanksful for. (You have wisdom beyond your years.) I love you and keep you in my prayers.

  7. So glad you can cut back on some of the meds. Hope you have a good weekend. We definitely have much to be thankful for this season. You have been such an inspiration, miracles do happen! Hope to see you soon.
    Love ya,
    Genie and Eddie

  8. Hi! So very glad and thankful that the good news for your continuing improved health keeps coming just as we had expected. You have/are a great family and we are thankful to have shared some special connections. Keep thinking those thankful gleeful thoughts as everyone continues to keep you bathed in paryer.
    Happy Thanksgiving
    P.S. Please add a friend's daughter, Megan, to your prayers. She is recovering from an extremely serious case of "swine" flu.