Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good morning.

Thank you, to everyone, for your prayers, love and support when it was needed so much.

Amy will be getting out of the hospital today (Sunday). After many prayers and much thought, Amy will be moving on to hospice care. Amy biggest complaint right now is her terrible "stuffy" nose.

Even with all that has been going on the last few days, it has been a good weekend.
Our visit with Mary Beth and Genie has been very nice. The four of us sat in the hospital room yesterday and talked , laughed and drove Amy a bit crazy with the three of us" hoovering" over her, but it was very special and Amy put up with us well.

Hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy the wonderful autumn weather. We love the cooler temperature.

love to all


  1. So glad things sounded better yesterday. I am sure the girls kept you entertained. Hope you get home soon and everything is ready for you with a (good) bed downstairs to relax in. When you have strong days you can still go up and enjoy your own bed. You're hanging tight, so proud of you. Love you much, Grandma

  2. Amy and her entorougae (I have no idea how to spell that one :) )
    Anyway....wanted to let you know that you guys are always lifted up in prayer at the Brown house just a little Louder these days for peace and comfort!!! We love you all (and always have)
    Love, Keith, Kate, Maddi, Carson and Alli