Friday, October 22, 2010

Good Morning,

Amy has had a fairly good week. The main problem she is having now is pain/pressure in her left sinus and ear. The nurse is going to come by today to check on it and see what can be done to alleviate it. She is taking augmentin for any infection, but they may need to up her pain medication dosage to help with the pain she is experiencing.

Amy is very thankful for all the comments here and on her facebook page. The support, encouragement and love shown is amazing and helps boost spirits and comfort her. We feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

This week we have watched old movies, played games and Christmas shopped online.
Amy was able to get most of her Christmas shopping done. The FedEx, UPS and USPS guys will not like us very much over the next week with all the packages that will be coming. Amy's bed downstairs is right in front of the sliding glass doors and yesterday was so beautiful we opened the doors and let the autumn breeze come in . We also have pumpkins on the back deck, and I hope to get out this weekend and get some mums to add to the colors of the leaves changing. Isn't autumn a beautiful season!

We still might try our hand at painting next week. I will not paint a clown.. I cannot be the only one who finds clowns ( and the Burger King guy) really spooky :). Not sure what we will paint.. any suggestions?? (hey Blair, we may have to find some old footage of Bob Ross to inspire us :) )

Love and hugs to everyone,


  1. Greetings and Hugs from Clifton Forge! I have a suggestion of what to paint...a turkey. Turkey drawings can be quirky, like the Hokiebird, or quite beautiful. Scarecrows are nice, too. Not as spooky as clowns. I, too, think clowns are spooky probably due to Pennywise, the Clown, the creepy character in the Stephen King novel an movie, "IT". You are always in our prayers. Susie and Gene Ayers

  2. I have to agree clowns are spooky and the BK man!! Maybe you guys could paint the scenery from the sliding glass door with the mums and pumpkins! Many prayers and thoughts go to Amy and you guys! Love- Afton

  3. BOB ROSS!!!!

    I remember the day Julie called me my first year at college, told me to sit down b/c she had something really bad to tell me. That Bob Ross had passed away. That's how much I loved his show.. his happy little trees, happy little clouds, and the chipmunk that he kept in his pocket. ;)

    Make sure to use Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, and Titanium White.. some of his FAVORITE colors!

    I love you ladies!!! And I hope your painting session is WONDERFUL.. but please make sure you talk in a whisper while doing it :)

    I love you Amy - I think about you EVERY day and how wonderful you are!


  4. Clowns are definitely NOT my favorite either. Of course neither are frogs.... YUCK!

    Your background here is so nice. I love fall :) Halloween should be quite exciting at Nana's this year with 7 little ones showing up for lunch :) and then to dress LOL We'll have "bat"arinas, a vampire, a werewolf, Darth Vader, and Carson wanted to be anything where he could pretend to eat people, so his choice was a dragon LOL
    Sending lots of love, HUGS, and prayers your way.


  5. I can sure tell you girls like fall, the back ground is gorgeous. I too like the idea of painting the scenery from your bed, but a better idea is to paint a picture for my Christmas gift, just anything! That would be precious to me and all I would want. Hope your sinus will feel better with the increased pain med. I love you bunches (all of you)

  6. Wow that sounds like a cool idea. I like the idea of painting. I'm not artisticly inclined, but I think that you and your Mom being school teachers and all might have the right knack for it. Paintings by Amy and Kathy might be a huge success!!!

  7. Paint a beautiful autumn colorful....we love and pray for you all everyday!

  8. Hi Amy,
    This painting thing really sounds exciting with all the comments and suggestions! My vote goes to Fall expressions, too, since you and your Mom have been so inspired. Even an abstract in Fall colors would be beautiful in case you have problems with the objects since you're just learning. I know whatever you do will be beautiful! I can't wait to see you Monday! Let me know if I can bring you anything, especially from the arts and crafts stores here. Ask your Mom and Michael, too. Love you so much! Aunt Robbie

  9. Amy,
    The girls and I request a painting of fairies dancing. :) The thought of this made them so happy. We hope that you are finding comfort and that the fall beauty is helping your peace. We love you and think you every day. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  10. dear durham gang,
    i have to agree with your bloggers......bob ross had great talent, inspired vision, and a wonderful show.....but did you ever see the snl skit where he was using titanium white, with a touch of cadnium yellow on the field of emerauld and added just one little bush over in the left which point he experienced flashbacks from vietnam??????? yeah.... thats right.....that little bush with charlie and all his lil friends hiding behind it with their ak 47s and their pungie sticks... talking all jibber-jabber at 100 miles an out!!!!!! three more are coming out of that tunnel just beyond the babbling brook....... and yes....the burger king mascot is a freak.....i mean what is it with all these fast food places trying to scare the hell out of us......the burger king, that beady eyed colonel from kentucky, the hamburglar, and what about wendy??? yikes!!!!! shes a large pair of flat shoes away from being in the greatest show on yall.....i do have an artistic side.....i'm not bragging or anything but my polar bears in winter is quite impressive.....and my african american stealing a zebra at midnight won several awards..... gotta run.....our raccoons are back... love yall bunches
    your only planned relative currently living in south carolina and family

  11. ooooooooops!!!!!!! that was a bear... not our raccoons....... and yes......2 out of 3 choozie bears chooze jif......but this one preferred left over hawaiin pizzer pie with bannana peppers....
    to each their own.....have a great weekend
    tpo and family

  12. Autumn is beautiful! I go out my back door and take pictures of trees and mountains and river in all seasons, though. (Since digital cameras, I have that freedom.) I may be biased, but I think Alleghany County has some of God's best scenery. And Bob Ross....Dale and I assumed we were the only ones who tried to catch his old shows. :) Have fun painting. Love you all. Praying...

  13. Hey down in Durham. I have to agree this time of year is beautiful and I believe God gets out his crayons and coloring book for us. We have several pumpkins around our house. A man above Douthat has a wagon full of pumpkins and you can ride by, put money in a jar and pick out the one you want. It is nice to see that people still have a little trust in this world. I call him the pumpkin man. aklsdj;fsjdfls;afjals;dfjas (Teagan translation) Hey Amy! Hope you are enjoying the movies. I like the Backyardigans. I can also sing the Bob part of the Spongebob theme. My momma got me two Halloween costumes. I am a bee and a frog. She is taking me to her school carnival tonight. I think she is going as a frog habitat. She also let me build a candy corn bear at buildabear the other day. He is really cute and my daddy fell asleep with him on the couch the other night. Don't tell him I said that. Well gotta go. Too many things to get into and too little time to do it. Love you with a fish kiss. Teagan
    Did that crazy kid get on here again? She is just too much. Well I just thought I would drop you guys a line. Prayers, love and support continue to flow from Alleghany County to Durham. People ask about you daily. We continue to be amazed by your strength. Your family has provided everyone who knows you a perfect model of love in action. You know I have an idea for a painting. I have seen painting where individuals paint their fingertips and put them on paper and make lille pictures out of the fingerprints. I know that in real life you guys have certainly left fingerprints all around and your mark reaches way past just the people who know you personally. I know what every you guys choose to paint would have made Bob Ross proud. Happy little trees are a must in the lives of everyone. Love and kisses from McCormick Blvd. Joleen, John and Teagan

  14. Not sure what you should paint, but the sidebar to the right inspires me - lots of bright fall colors. My favorite time of year! Once you're done painting, post 'em for us to see!

  15. Amy and gang,
    I too LOVE LOVE LOVE fall!!! Yes I agree with mama above.....Halloween is going to be wild and wooly!!! And Carson....he does just wants to "jump out and eat somebody".....Such a strange little boy :)but just gotta love him. Well since you are about done with your Christmas list....I will send you mine to finish for me too ;) I think Keith thought me and the UPS man had something 'going on' last year as he was showing up on a daily basis there for a got so bad the kids would say...the brown truck is back he he. Well I hope you have a wonderful week with all the happy little trees and bushes (I have to admit...I loved watching Bob Ross too). Love and Prayers, Keith,Kate, Maddi, Carson and Alli :)