Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good Morning! We drove back to Durham Tuesday and had an appointment with Dr. Rizzieri yesterday. My magnesium is holding at 1.3 so again they are fine with that and gave me another two weeks off so we drove back to VA yesterday. It's been very enjoyable and relaxing to be here for a while. The change of scenery is nice and the leaves are beautiful here in the mountains.

Hope you all are enjoying Fall,


  1. So good to hear the news about your time off, Amy! AND There's no place like HOME :) God's handiwork is definitely showing in our fall colors. I know your dad is enjoying your mom sharing you these days. Give both of them and Michael a "hug" from me....
    Bigger one to you, Precious Lady!
    Love and Prayers,

  2. So glad you are back in VA and doubly glad that I will be able to see you tomorrow. I had to stay away, would not want to bring a "bug" to you, but think I am now well. You are doing so good and we continue to praise God for the miracle he has worked in you. Love you and Michael!

  3. Praise God! Such good news. We're praying for His continued blessing, healing and protection from all the nasty little bugs going around. And this fall has been beautiful, even though it's fading now. I'll have to send you some photos of the grandkids in the leaves. Love you!